Beijing’s Top Sporting Goods Companies Dominating Global Market

In the bustling city of Beijing, China, several dynamic companies anchor their operations within the vibrant Sporting Goods industry. Serving as exemplars of innovation, these businesses cover a diverse range of fields such as e-commerce, marketing, fashion, event management, and even photography. At the core of their operations is an unshakeable commitment to sports, cementing their influential positions within the industry. This article delves into the worlds of these Beijing-based companies, showcasing their contributions to the Sporting Goods industry.

Our exploration into this world reveals a rich tapestry of pioneering ventures, each with unique strengths and offerings. From social commerce platforms to event management firms, every company stands as a testament to the ingenuity and spirit of sports enthusiasts. Their collective contributions have not only revolutionized the world of sporting goods but have also elevated the standards of associated industries.

While the list of remarkable companies within this sector is extensive, several enterprises have caught our attention. We believe these companies exemplify the robustness and creativity inherent in the Sporting Goods industry in Beijing. We are excited to introduce you to these firms.


Co-founded by Yong Chang, Wahool is a social commerce platform and agency that imagines a world where everyone has the tools and technology needed to create their own success in the fashion business. Offering a blend of apps, e-commerce, fashion, and sporting goods, Wahool is dedicated to empowering fashion enthusiasts to monetize their digital spaces through its brands, goods, technology, and people. Follow them on LinkedIn.

Long Sports

A beacon in the fields of advertising, marketing, sporting goods, and ticketing, Long Sports‘ mission and services remain a fascinating part of the Beijing Sporting Goods industry. Keen on simplifying the sports enthusiast’s journey, this company offers comprehensive solutions. Keep updated with their latest ventures onLinkedIn.

Sport With Fun

Founded by Yihuo Ye, Sport With Fun merges the worlds of photography and sports goods into an exhilarating platform. Their dynamic intersection of fields is a testament to the vast potential of the Sporting Goods industry in Beijing.


In the realm of event management, media, entertainment, and sporting goods, KOOSA shines. From running, rock climbing, to more adventurous sports, KOOSA ensures a direct consumer-seller interaction over the Internet that serves its consumers best!

As pioneers in the integration of education, internet, and sporting goods, cultivates a learning culture within the industry. Their dedication places them amongst the forerunners in the Beijing Sporting Goods Sector.


Co-founded by Fengxi Liu, Nobaday stands as a quintessential provider of winter sports fashion clothing and accessories. Serving ski enthusiasts worldwide with some of the finest gear, they have made an indelible mark in the industry. Follow them on Facebook.


In the Manufacturing, Outdoors, Retail, Sporting Goods sector, Piscifun holds a reputable position. Stay updated through their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn channels.


Founded by the champion gymnast Mr. Li Ning, Li-Ning is the Chinese leader of athletic apparel and footwear. Guided by its founder’s legacy, the firm remains at the forefront of 21st-century design and technology while respecting its own heritage and the potential of the human body. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

China Sports Industry Group

An influential player in the manufacturing, sporting goods, sports sectors, China Sports Industry Group has made several notable contributions to the industry in China. Keep up with their latest updates on LinkedIn.


Offering a vast array of sporting products online, K121 stands as a robust e-commerce platform in cooperation with numerous renowned sports brands, serving over 1.5 million registered members.

Bestol Footcare

Our journey ends with Bestol Footcare, a full-service product development and manufacturing company focused on designing, researching, and manufacturing foot and shoe care products. Check their latest updates on LinkedIn.

Beijing’s Sporting Goods industry is a vibrant, creative, and tech-savvy ecosystem teeming with companies who are not just pushing the boundaries but redrawing them entirely. Through their services, products, and overall ethos, these companies effectively echo the passion and dynamism that fuels the world of sports and recreation.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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