Belfast’s Dynamic Fitness Companies Taking the UK Industry By Storm

In our ongoing series, we spotlight innovative companies operating in the flourishing Fitness industry, right here in Belfast, United Kingdom. We shine a light on local businesses making a significant impact and transforming the world of fitness, health, and sports. Each company’s unique approach to fitness and wellness offers distinct benefits to customers, leveraging technology, hardware or unique service offers.

From cutting-edge software solutions to facilitate elite sports performance planning to dynamic online marketplaces connecting users to health and fitness professionals, these companies are driving unprecedented changes in fitness as we know it. Apprehending the vibrance and the diversity of businesses in this sector is key to understanding the evolution of the fitness landscape. In no particular order, below are some of the most innovative companies based in Belfast in the Fitness scene.

For each company, you’ll find a brief introduction and bio, including their founders, the industry they’re in, as well as links to their website and social networking handles.

Kairos Sports Tech

The brainchild of founders Andrew Trimble and Gareth Quinn, Kairos Sports Tech works towards maximising elite sports performance by implementing excellent planning tools. Operating mostly in the Fitness, Software, and Sports industry, their platform amalgamates scheduling and communications for staff and players, making it a one-stop solution for game planning. Check out their LinkedIn and @KairosSportsHQ on Twitter.


Gregory Bradley founded BLK BOX to provide home gym bundles online. Specializing in a wide range of fitness products, the company operates in the Fitness, Sporting Goods, and Wellness realm. To get more insight on their offers and updates, follow them on Twitter, or their LinkedIn and Facebook page.

G M Marketing

G M Marketing is a company primarily focused in Fitness, Marketing, and Wealth Management. Further details about the founders and the company’s offerings can be found on their website.


Another significant player is Gofyt, an online marketplace that links users to health and fitness professionals. It focuses on the Fitness, Health Care, Leisure, and Marketplace industry. For more, check out their @go_fyt Twitter handle.

Laser Spoke Limited

Founded by Gennady Lubarsky, Laser Spoke Limited is revolutionizing the development of affordable power meters, producing highly versatile and accurate meters equipped with excellent features. They are positioned in the Fitness, Hardware, Internet of Things, Software, and Sporting Goods industry. You can connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.


Under the Fitness, Professional Services, Training, and Wellness spectrum is Hench, a gym and training center dedicated to the pursuit of strength, wellbeing, and resilience. More about them is available on their LinkedIn page, @thisishench on Twitter and Facebook account.

Fitspace gyms

Last but not the least, Fitspace gyms provides fitness enthusiasts with everything they need, without the burden of costly traditional gym memberships. They mainly focus on Fitness, Health Care, and Personal Health. Stay connected with them via their Facebook page and @FitspaceGyms Twitter handle.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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