Brisbane’s Top Lifestyle Companies Enthralling the Sports World Today

Queensland’s Vibrant Lifestyle Sector Shines in Brisbane

From fostering meaningful social connections to revolutionising the e-commerce landscape, companies based in Brisbane are driving innovation and growth in the lifestyle industry. With headquarters nestled in the Sunshine State’s bustling centre, they combine a unique blend of location-based advantages, ingenuity, and passion to carve out notable niches in their respective fields. Here’s a closer look at some of these companies bringing vibrant energy to Queensland’s lifestyle scene.

Founded by Cameron Slabosz and Jay Stockwell, is at the forefront of machine learning, social media, and psychology in the lifestyle industry. The company’s platform enables users to discover and connect with like-minded individuals, making meaningful connections easier than ever. Affinity’s strong commitment to moving away from superficiality towards authentic and deep connections is what sets them apart in the increasingly digitised social landscape. Visit their Facebook page or Twitter handle to learn more.

Culture Kings

Culture Kings, co-founded by Simon Beard, represents a worldwide streetwear phenomenon. Operating both online and via their eight retail locations in Australia, they bring together an eclectic mix of music, sport, fashion apparel, footwear, and accessories. Their cutting-edge approach to fashion resonates with a global audience, solidifying their spot in the e-commerce and lifestyle industry. Stay updated with their latest offerings on their Facebook page, Twitter, or LinkedIn profile.

Kevin Murphy

Delivering high-quality, professional salon hair care products, Kevin Murphy is a standout in the cosmetics and lifestyle industry. Their range spans a large assortment of hair care essentials, from flexible hairsprays and refreshing dry shampoos to conditioners tailored for various hair types. Placing care and quality at their core, Kevin Murphy continuously redefines the cosmetic scene. Catch up with them on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


As Australia’s leading chain of beauty superstores, glamaCo offers an extensive range of beauty and hair products across the best brands. Their commitment to delivering staple beauty essentials and trend-setting launches caters to all beauty enthusiasts’ needs, making glamaCo a favourite in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industry.


Catering to men’s fashion, UBER MEN brings a stylish and cultivated collection for the modern man. With an extensive and trend-conscious product range, they hold a significant spot in the fashion and lifestyle retail industry. Stay connected with UBER MEN via their Facebook page or Twitter handle.


BLA operates in the boating, lifestyle, manufacturing, and wholesale industry, holding a significant presence in Brisbane’s lifestyle scene. Check their progress and updates on their Facebook or LinkedIn platforms.

Queensland Deaf Society

The Queensland Deaf Society is a non-profit organisation driven to support the deaf community and foster inclusivity in the broader society. Further information about their projects and initiatives can be found on their Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn platforms.

Wolfe and Ordnance

Wolfe and Ordnance is a thriving player in the consumer goods, e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle industry with an emphasis on delivering quality products to its varied clientele. Stay tuned to their latest updates and launches on their Facebook page or Twitter handle.

Fan of travel and community connections, Simon St John leads the passionate team at This unique website is designed exclusively for professional accommodation operators worldwide to swap their accommodation with other operators for a short break or longer holiday. Connect with them on their Facebook page, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


Under the leadership of founder Kristy Ouwerkerk, Veilability connects brides and venues to personalise wedding planning. Their platform enables brides to search and compare local reception venues by feature, budget, and availability, setting this Brisbane-based tech startup apart in the e-commerce, hospitality, internet, lifestyle, and social media industry. Check their Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles for more updates.

Aussie Babies 2 Kids

Renowned for its varied collection of baby and kids products, Aussie Babies 2 Kids holds a significant position in the child care, children, e-commerce, fashion, lifestyle, and shopping industry. For updates, visit their Facebook page.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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