Dallas-Based Lifestyle Giants Making Major League Impact on Sports Scene

Welcome sport enthusiasts to the Quins Sports magazine series on companies making waves in the Lifestyle industry! Today we’re taking you through Dallas, Texas, United States – the bustling capital of the Lone Star State. Dallas is known for its vibrant sports culture and booming economy, but did you know it is also home to some of the most innovative and successful lifestyle companies in the nation? Read on and discover more about these trailblazing businesses.

Dallas is a city of diverse cultures, best seen in its mix of traditional Southern charm and modern cosmopolitan flair. This melting pot of societal influences has allowed for the flourishing of a multitude of industries, from fashion and e-commerce, to dining and entertainment. Part of the beauty of the Dallas lifestyle scene is the broad mix of companies that contribute to it. Indeed, we have companies that are leading the way in online retail, revolutionizing the restaurant industry, and even transforming the dating scene.

In this article, we will be introducing you to twelve lifestyle-oriented companies that are headquartered in Dallas. These companies might be varied in nature, but they all share a commitment to innovation, quality, and contributing to enriching the Dallas lifestyle scene. Without further ado, here are the companies, each with a brief bio and their corresponding website links for you to explore more about them.

Neiman Marcus Group

Created by founders Abraham Lincoln Neiman, Carrie Marcus Neiman and Herbert Marcus, Neiman Marcus Group is a leader in the Fashion, Lifestyle, Retail, and Shoes industry. This retail giant prides itself on delivering the ultimate luxury customer experience pairing the familiarity of a strong store footprint with innovative digital interactions. Connect with them on Twitter: @NMGNewsroom.


Imprint, founded by Matt Alexander, is a unique combination of curated retail and lifestyle publication. It present collections and journalism tailored to the modern gentleman. Follow their Twitter handle @imprintedition.

Dave & Buster

Whether you’re into games, sports-viewing, food, or drinks, Dave & Buster is your go-to destination. Founded by David Corriveau and James W. Corley, this events powerhouse combines entertainment with hospitality like no other. Follow them on Twitter: @daveandbusters.


Ziosk, created by Jack Baum and Viren Balar, transforms dining with their innovative table service tablets. Diners can order food, view menus, and pay – all from the comfort of their seats. They are on Twitter at @Ziosk.

Haggar Clothing

Founded by Joseph Marion Haggar Sr., Haggar Clothing is an eminent figure in the Men’s Clothing industry. Their fine dress pants and slacks have been a epitome of quality and style for over 90 years. Follow them on Twitter: @haggarco. Europe Europe, by founder Gary Kremen, the European counterpart of the popular online dating platform. They are helping redefining the dating game across the pond. Check their Twitter handle: @match.

Bailey Banks and Biddle

Founded by Andrew Kitchen and Joseph Trowbridge Bailey, Bailey Banks and Biddle has a rich collection of diamond jewelry and accessories. Their exqusite pieces are a testament to their commitment to quality and trends. They’re on Twitter at @baileybanksandb.

Players Media Group

Collin Castellaw, Deron Guidrey, and Matthew Allinson have given us Players Media Group – a digital agency specializing in sports and entertainment. They leverage content and intellectual property for effective marketing strategies.

Liz Claiborne

Liz Claiborne, backed by founder Jerome Chazen, is a fashion portal with a wide range of men’s and women’s apparel. It was the first company founded by a woman to be listed in the Fortune 500.

Sharon Young, Inc.

Founded by Sam Klapholz, Sharon Young, Inc. is another prominent name in the Dallas fashion and retail industry. Follow them on Twitter: @sharonyoung_inc.


Bodycology taps into the beauty industry with a rich variety of products for both men and women. It’s a go-to destination for self-carers everywhere. Connect with them on Twitter: @mybodycology.

These companies are not only shaping Dallas’s lifestyle scene, they are also contributing to the evolution of their respective industries. From innovative retailers to transforming dining experiences, Dallas is leading the way in the lifestyle industry.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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