Exploring Beijing’s Powerhouses in Sports and Recreation Industry

Welcome to our latest series, where we will be focusing on some of the most renowned and innovative companies operating in the recreation industry. Our spotlight today falls on Beijing, a city renowned for its rich culture, technological advancements and an unending zest for recreation. Here, amidst its high skyscrapers and historic landmarks, we find companies that are not just changing the recreation industry, but recreating the way we live, work and play. These companies are adding a touch of fun, wellness and adventure in our everyday lives. Let’s dive into the heart of Beijing and get to know these companies more.

For ease of navigation, each spotlight includes a brief background of the company, its founders and the industries it operate in. For those who want to learn more or connect, we have also included website links and various social media platforms, giving you a chance to interact and discover these innovative businesses. These companies are leading the way in how we look at and participate in recreational activities, so without further ado, let’s delve into our first pick.

It’s interesting to note how these companies are using technology, creativity and an immense understanding of their industries to reshape the recreation industry. Some of them are making advancements in tech to give us new ways to have fun and stay healthy, while others are gearing towards sustainability, teaching us to enjoy without compromising the welfare of our environment. This is indeed Beijing’s breakout revolution, where a meld of old and new is creating a vibrant, dynamic recreation scene.


Onemile is a premier brand in the Electric Vehicle (EV) manufacturing industry located in Beijing, China. The company, co-founded by Arthur Yu, specializes in the manufacturing of recreational vehicles. Onemile’s high-tech products have undoubtedly set a pace in the EV market, attracting users who value quality and efficiency in their recreational vehicles. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


For our skiing enthusiasts, Skinow is your one-stop destination. Co-founded by Jian Chen, the company operates within the Recreation, Skiing and Sports industries. Based in Beijing, Skinow offers a plethora of skiing-related services, meeting the needs of skiers at all levels of expertise.


Mocar is an Automotive, Autonomous, and Recreational Vehicle company founded by Yan Zhang. This innovative start-up based in Beijing is redefining the way we view car maintenance by sending mechanics for light repairs and thorough maintenance in three cities. Mocar is exploring its potential through strategic partnerships with offline auto repair shops, aiming for a more comprehensive repair service.


Co-founded by Duan Dongren, eXiche is a company that bridges the gap between the consumer and recreational vehicles industry. They provide internet booking services for customers who need car wash services at the shop or at their doorsteps. With eXiche, your ride stays clean and shiny, so your journey remains enjoyable.

Dong Sport

No stranger to the sports industry, Dong Sport has carved a niche in the Information Technology, Recreation, and Sports sectors. The company operates an online platform that assists sports and recreational institutions by providing event booking, ticket reservation, training, and marketing services. These services not only attract customers but also help manage the operation of their properties effectively.


KemeWorks is an innovative company that uses 3D printing technology, 3D scanning, and digital molding to create high-quality contemporary home decorations. Integrating technology with art, KemeWorks is modifying the Recreational, Art, Home Décor, and Product Design scene in Beijing.

HC Kunlun Red Star

Ice hockey lovers in Beijing will not be unfamiliar with the HC Kunlun Red Star. This Chinese ice hockey club joined the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) in the 2016–17 season, offering ice hockey enthusiasts in Beijing a unique recreational event to look forward to.


For those who love the great outdoors, Outingman is an outdoor travel activity platform providing outdoor activities, ecological theme parks, youth outdoor education, theme events, and media platforms. Leaning towards Non-Profit objectives, Outingman underlines the importance of enjoying nature while preserving it for future generations.

TUI China

TUI China is a name synonymous with Leisure, Recreation, and Travel sectors in Beijing. Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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