Exploring Bend’s Outstanding Contributions to the Sporting Goods Industry

The sporting goods industry is a dynamic and innovative sector shaped by companies dedicated to providing quality and technologically advanced products for athletes and enthusiasts. This article highlights some of the leading companies in this industry, all headquartered in the fascinating city of Bend, Oregon- the city that’s become an incubator for these trailblazers. These companies have not only made significant contributions to the sporting goods industry but also contributed to the city’s reputation as a destination for outdoor sporting manufacturing.

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a recreational hobbyist, or someone interested in knowing more about companies revolutionizing the world of sports, this article will guide you through the finer details of these companies, their products, and their main goals. From sustainable insole makers to sophisticated mobile apps for outdoor activities, the range of innovative businesses in Bend, Oregon is instrumental in defining the future of the sporting goods industry.

Let’s dive into the details and learn about some of the companies leaving their footprints in the heart of the sports capital – Bend, Oregon.

Tread & Butter

Tread & Butter is a company devoted to crafting high-performance cork insoles, specifically designed for running, hiking, and skiing. Founded by Matt Hughes, this Bend-based company caters to the comfort and ergonomic requirements of athletes and sports enthusiasts. Beyond producing high-quality products, Tread & Butter is committed to sustainability and is part of the Climate Neutral Certified initiative. Get connected with Tread & Butter on @treadandbutter on Twitter, their Facebook page or their Linkedin.

Tribe Pilot

Founded by Matt Smith, Tribe Pilot is a mobile app designed to facilitate outdoor enthusiasts in planning group activities. The unique application platform synchronizes information across all group members ensuring everyone is informed—even on the go. Know more about Tribe Pilot on their @TribePilot Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.


By offering a line of vacuum insulated cups and growler vessels, DrinkTanks, founded by Nicholas Hill, aims at reducing plastic pollution caused by disposable cups and bottles. Follow their mission on @DrinkTanks Twitter, their Facebook page or their Linkedin.

Gobi Gear

When it comes to the organization of gear, Chez Brungraber’s brainchild, Gobi Gear, takes the lead. Their products are handy tools for travelers. Keep up with Gobi Gear updates on @gobigear Twitter and their Facebook page.


Choosing to go green, HYDAWAY offers a collapsible water bottle, an innovative solution for eco-conscious individuals seeking alternatives to disposable plastic bottles. Stay tuned with HYDAWAY on @hydawaybottle Twitter, their Facebook page and their Linkedin.


Specializing in climbing gear, Metolius provides rock-solid equipment for all climbing enthusiasts. Reach out to Metolius, on their @MetoliusClimb Twitter and their Facebook page.

Giant Loop

For adventurous motorbike riders, Giant Loop offers various motorcycle soft baggage and accessories. You can join the adventure with Giant Loop on @giantloopmoto Twitter, their Facebook page, and their Linkedin.

The Robert Axle Project

The Robert Axle Project offers specialized thru-axles for diverse bicycles. Enjoy cycling with their products, which you can check out on @robaxleproject Twitter, their Facebook page, or their Linkedin.

Cart Tek

Cart Tek brings an array of golf accessories and parts available for purchase online, with free shipping on orders over $250. Read more about Cart Tek on @CartTek Twitter, their Facebook page, or their Linkedin.


Aquaglide excels in providing thrilling water sports experiences through their products. Connect with Aquaglide on their Facebook page or their Linkedin.

Old Man Mountain

Old Man Mountain provides various cycling storage solutions for long distance or packing-heavy rides. Visit them on their Facebook page or their Linkedin.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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