Exploring Berlin’s Lifestyle Industry Titans: A Sports and Wellness Perspective


Our bustling capital, Berlin, is a haven for vibrant and innovative lifestyle brands. From fitness to fashion, these forward-thinking companies speak to the zeitgeist, offering fresh, inventive products and services that enhance everyday life. This article showcases some of the key players based in Berlin, providing a snapshot into their unique offerings and ethos. Let’s explore these trendsetting lifestyle brands.

Urban Sports Club

Urban Sports Club is a fitness and wellness movement inspired by the desire to empower people to lead healthier and more active lives. The brainchild of co-founders Benjamin Roth and Moritz Kreppel, the club offers a sports flatrate which includes access to over 10,000 partner venues across Europe, effectively promoting a multi-faceted approach to fitness and wellness. Members can dabble in different sports activities, boosting overall engagement and fostering a sense of community.

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Co-founders Marc Hermann, Philipp Schrempp, and Tobias Schuele have made Foodspring a powerhouse in the fitness food and sports nutrition industry. From shaking up the industry standards with their organic protein powder to introducing a range of foods that offer more than just sustenance, Foodspring is truly taking sports nutrition to the next level.

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Asana Rebel

Fusing the best elements of yoga and fitness, Asana Rebel is a yoga-inspired fitness app co-founded by Pascal Klein and Robin Pratap. Available in six languages and rated highly by their users, the app provides tailored programs to help individuals achieve their fitness goals.

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An online fashion platform that operates in 15 countries, Zalando provides a wide selection of fashion items for all. Founded by Bastian Gerhard, David Schneider, and Robert Gentz, this e-commerce giant continually optimizes its product offerings and processes to ensure a top-notch shopping experience for its 17 million customers.

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Founded by Alexander Leuchte, Sarah Müggenburg, and Victoria Engelhardt, keleya aims to guide expecting parents to a safe and relaxed pregnancy journey. Their platform offers personalised information, workout and nutrition plans, and connects parents with local midwives.

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JUNIQE, founded by Lea Lange, Marc Pohl, and Sebastian Hasebrink, is the go-to lifestyle brand for affordable wall art, home accessories, stationery, and gifts. They offer curated and hand-picked designs from emerging and established artists, making art an accessible part of everyday life.

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Providing solutions for temporary living, Habyt is a property management company founded by Luca Bovone. They cover all aspects of such living arrangements, from sourcing and outfitting properties to managing tenant relationships, offering a comprehensive service package.

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Staiy, started by Adrian Leue, Alessandro Nora, and Ludovico During, is a leading platform for sustainable shopping. Their mission is to fast-track the transition towards a sustainable lifestyle by connecting over 200 sustainable brands directly with consumers through their modern, AI-driven interface.

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MONOQI is an online platform for unique and limited edition designs. Co-founded by Felix Schlegel, Jackson Bond, Pierre Alexis Cantegril, and Simon Fabich, MONOQI connects customers with premium design products from around the globe.

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Flow Lab

Flow Lab is a mobile app that trains users in mental and emotional fitness. Co-founded by David Jacob, Jonas Vossler Winkelmann, and Peter Schwarz, the app combines mindfulness meditation and performance psychology elements to promote peak performance in the work life of users.

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Kathrin Weiß founded Tausendkind to create an online resource for those who wish to bestow a child with more than just children’s and baby fashion. From practical accessories to thoughtful gifts, the online store offers a variety of quality products that meet the needs and tastes of families with young kids.

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Please note that while there are Twitter handles provided for every company, some accounts currently have no posts from the brands. Therefore, viewer interaction may be limited.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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