Exploring Colorado Springs: The Lifestyle Industry’s Front-Runners Unveiled in Quins

Colorado Springs, a city in the eastern part of Colorado and at the foot of Pikes Peak, has been maintaining a steady development in the lifestyle industry for a while now. Be it fitness, health care, nutrition or even media and entertainment — Colorado Springs has established industries that cater to varied aspects of lifestyle. Now, we draw your attention to a number of organizations operating in these diverse areas of lifestyle, contributing to the laid-back yet adventurous culture of Colorado Springs. Let’s take a tour around some of these companies, learning about their ventures and contributions to the industry.

Understandably, the global COVID-19 pandemic had the world on halt for a while. But now as industries are opening up and adjusting to the new norms, these companies are doing their part in ensuring their services are available to customers while keeping them safe. From breweries adapting to provide mini keg systems for home use, to health care providers extending their services in a way that makes clients feel secure, they have been adapting and evolving in response to the new demands. We take a closer look at the journeys and efforts behind these adaptations.

Every city has a tale to tell, a tale that weaves together the stories of its inhabitants, creating a rich tapestry. Fundamental to this weft and weave are the businesses that lay at its heart. What differentiates Colorado Springs from other cities, are these lifestyle-oriented companies that are deeply entrenched in the lives of its inhabitants. Autonomously supporting various aspects of daily living, these establishments with their unique products and services continue to uplift, enable, and enhance the quality of lifestyle in Colorado Springs.


Founded by Chris Mueller, Mancan is a manufacturer of a brewery grade personal mini-keg system, a product that fits in your fridge or travels anywhere you want your beer served fresh. The main offerings of this company are its unique keg system, a recurring membership revenue model known as “The Tribe”, and a wholesale distribution service for major food chains. Facebook / @mancanbeer

The Broadmoor

Conceived by Spencer Penrose, The Broadmoor is a premier lifestyle institute that has been enriching the local culture for years now. Visit their Facebook, @thebroadmoor, or LinkedIn for more information.

Gospel Light

Gospel Light stands as a remarkable company in the lifestyle segment, bringing a unique perspective to news and publishing in Colorado Springs. Visit their website to learn more.

Dr Kells’ Weight Loss

With its services in health care, nutrition, and wellness, Dr Kells’ Weight Loss supports individuals in their journey toward a healthier and more confident self. Learn more about them on their Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Dirk R. Hobbs, North brings together the elements of internet technology, lifestyle, media, and entertainment. You can find out more about them on their Facebook, @COMEDIAGROUP, or LinkedIn.

Springs Media

With Jeremy Jones at its helm, Springs Media stands strong as a company straddling media, entertainment, and publishing sectors. Get to learn more about them on their Facebook, @springsmag, or LinkedIn.

Life Symmetry Chiropractic

A prominent organization in the fitness and health care industry, Life Symmetry Chiropractic strives to bring out the best health in Colorado Springs residents. Follow their journey on their Facebook,LinkedIn or @LifeSymmetry370.

Kasey Opdycke

Offering 15 years of experience in skincare and haircare services, Kasey Opdycke takes the health and lifestyle industry a notch higher with an offering of top-notch services for hair and skin care.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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