Exploring Columbus-Based Powerhouses in the American Sports Industry

Ohio, a state located in the East North Central region of the USA, is well-recognized for its vibrant sports scene and the plethora of companies operating in the sports industry. A significant hub for these activities is the city of Columbus, which boasts a dynamic and entrepreneurial atmosphere. The city is home to a fine selection of companies that breathe life into the sports industry, contributing to its ever-evolving landscape. These organizations range from eSports platforms, fitness goods suppliers, digital media firms, to sports publishing companies. This write-up showcases some of Columbus’s finest companies engaged in diverse sectors of the sports industry.


eFuse, launched in 2018, is an eSports, Internet, Video Games, and Web Apps company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. It is a robust web and mobile application platform dedicated to the eSports and video gaming industry. Offering gamers a platform to establish their gaming identity and network with like-minded individuals, eFuse makes opportunities like jobs and scholarships in this thriving industry more accessible.LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook


inmobly, established in 2011, specializes in Digital Media, Mobile, Soccer, Sports, and Video. Based in Columbus, Ohio, their unique solutions leverage advanced prediction and scheduling algorithms to effectively manage mobile data traffic. This empowers MNO/MVNOs to optimize their data traffic efficiently and provides users with a unique, personalized experience that meets their needs without straining their budgets. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Rogue Fitness

An entity that symbolizes Sporting Goods and the Sports sector in Columbus, Ohio, is Rogue Fitness. The company is driven by a strong philosophy to source locally and is a result of the Industrial Revolution 2.0. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Eldorado Scioto Downs

Another notable company, Eldorado Scioto Downs, operates within the Gaming and Sports industry from its base in Columbus. Twitter, Facebook

The Columbus Dispatch

The Columbus Dispatch is a vital part of the Publishing and Sports segment. The daily newspaper, which has been around since 1871, covers various news, including sports, business, politics, and weather, in Columbus, Ohio. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Western Golf Association

Western Golf Association, in Columbus, operates in the Association and Sports sector. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Columbus Crew SC

Columbus Crew SC represents the local Sports sector. Twitter, Facebook

Eleven Warriors

Another Sports company, Eleven Warriors, provides a common platform for Ohio State fans. As an independent site, it aims to give Buckeye fans the news and analysis they deserve. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Baseball Prospectus

For baseball enthusiasts, there’s Baseball Prospectus. It offers insightful commentary and unique stats, enhancing how the game is viewed. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

Columbus Blue Jackets

In the local Sports sector, Columbus Blue Jackets fills a significant role. LinkedIn, Facebook

Greater Columbus Sports Commission

Lastly, the Greater Columbus Sports Commission operates in the sphere of Events, Fantasy Sports, Non-Profit and Sports. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook

This completes the overview of some of the noteworthy companies in the Sports industry based in Columbus, Ohio. Each exhibits a different aspect of the Sports sector, contributing to a varied and thriving ecosystem that promotes industry growth and innovation.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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