Exploring Jacksonville’s Impact on Global Sporting Goods Industry

Here at Quins, we continuously strive to acknowledge leading companies in the Sporting Goods industry. This article is a part of our series that unearths companies within this sector that are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. We take you through the in-depth details of their offerings, founders, and more.

Nestled in bright sunshine on the northeast coast of Florida, Jacksonville’s sporting goods industry is thriving. Offering a diverse range of sports equipment and apparel – from weightlifting equipment to custom-fit sportswear, these companies are shaping the market with their innovative and top-tier products.

Meticulously selected for their evidenced commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, the following companies are notable representatives of the thriving sporting goods industry in Jacksonville, Florida. We hope this article proves informative and insightful as you explore what these remarkable businesses have to offer.


Founded by Alan Trager, Michael G. Rubin, and Mitch Trager, Fanatics is a leading design, manufacturing, and distribution company in the Sporting Goods industry. They masterfully cater to the real-time needs of leagues, teams, fans, and retailers by delivering top-quality fan gear and jerseys. Fanatics established its roots in Jacksonville in 1995 and has been keeping fans stylish and well-equipped ever since. Connect with them on their social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Roller Skate Nation

Operational in the sectors of E-Commerce, Fashion, Hardware, Outdoors, and Sporting Goods, Roller Skate Nation is a must-visit for roller skate enthusiasts. Check them out on their Facebook or tweet them at @rollersk8nation.

X Training Equipment

From dumbbells and kettlebells to treadmills and barbell storage, X Training Equipment covers your gym equipment requirements. Their vast inventory is available for online purchase. Stay updated with their latest offerings on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter at @XTrainingEquip.

Again Faster

Get your customized gym solutions at Again Faster. From apparel and dumbbells to medicine balls and weight plates, they provide all. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter at @againfaster.

Predator Group

Co-founded by Piotr Potrzebowski, Predator Group specializes in Retail, Sales, Sporting Goods, and Wholesale. Connect with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn, or tweet them at @predatorcues.

Baker’s Sporting Goods

Enter the realm of top-quality sporting goods with Baker’s Sporting Goods. This company is a testament to Josh Baker’s commitment to manufacturing, product design, and retail in the sports sector. Get to know them better through their Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter page at @bakerssports.

SAV Sourcing

SAV Sourcing is your reliable sourcing partner from apparel and accessories to sports goods and home textiles. Furthermore, they assure quality controls, sustainability, and superb marketing services. Stay tuned to their latest updates on their Facebook and LinkedIn.

Strength Depot

Thanks to Founder Kevin D’Amico, Strength Depot offers a wealth of fitness equipment and expertise, manufacturing barbells, weight plates, and more. They will even assist with the design and construction of your home gyms, commercial facilities, Crossfit gyms, and personal training studios. Like their Facebook page to stay updated on their services and developments.

Cure Putters

Cure Putters brings a scientific approach to their finely crafted putters, custom-cured putters, ball markers by onpoint, blade head covers, and more. You can easily reach them via mail, phone, or by visiting their physical location. Stay updated by following them on Facebook, LinkedIn, or tweet them at @CurePutters/.


Specializing in Manufacturing, Sales, and Sporting Goods, Ammo-Up takes pride in its offerings. They are profoundly active on their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

Burbank Sport Nets

Offering backstop, batting cage, barrier, and overhead netting, Burbank Sport Nets ensures you are well-equipped and protected. Their service extends to cage nets, screens, and backstops, which are double-painted with a special UV all-weather BSF paint coating for durability and longevity. To learn more, check out their Facebook, LinkedIn, or tweet them at @BurbankSportNet/.

In conclusion, the Jacksonville sporting goods industry is a rich and diverse sector. Each company brings its own unique strengths and innovations to the market, contributing to Jacksonville’s solid reputation in the world of sports equipment and apparel. We hope you have enjoyed this exploration into some of the companies that make it all possible.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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