Exploring Madrid’s Top Lifestyle Companies Transforming the Sports Industry

Madrid, the heart of Spain, not only in terms of geographical location but also a hub for thriving businesses, especially those within the expansive lifestyle industry. Companies here operate across a broad spectrum, including fashion, healthcare, e-commerce, and automotive, among others. Their operations are diversified, reaching out to global consumers via modern technology and leveraging Madrid’s vibrant culture and heritage. This article will spotlight some of Madrid’s game-changers in the lifestyle industry.

The vibrant cosmopolitan city of Madrid offers an excellent environment for lifestyle companies to thrive. Recognizing the potential of Madrid, many innovative and cutting-edge lifestyle businesses have set up their headquarters in this city. These companies invariably contribute to the social, cultural and economic fabric of Madrid, creating an ecosystem which thrives on creativity and innovation.

A key characteristic of Madrid’s lifestyle industry is its diversity. From fashion, health, and wellness to e-commerce and technology, the spectrum of companies operating in Madrid is truly vast. Let’s delve deeper into the profiles of these dynamic businesses, each contributing to Madrid’s evolution as a global lifestyle industry hub.


KLING is an e-commerce lifestyle brand known for its unique collections incorporating Liberty-style floral dresses, beribboned pieces, cute shorts, and princess-like coats. KLING’s wide variety of bags, hats and shoes add a vintage twist to the brand, making it a fashion staple in the lifestyle industry. With 12 own stores and being a fashion supplier for 5000 multi-brand stores across the world, KLING is a true representative of Madrid’s rich cultural heritage and fashion ethos. You can follow KLING’s journey on Facebook.


WOOM, co-founded by Clelia Morales and Laurence Fontinoy, aims at empowering women to make educated decisions about their reproductive health using AI. Realizing that 17 to 25% of couples face fertility challenges, both founders left their positions at Google and eBay to launch WOOM. The platform calculates daily chances of pregnancy, provides a cycles calendar and offers support via an engaged community. WOOM can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

Miller & Marc

Miller & Marc is a Spanish lifestyle brand co-founded by Sergio Navarro, it offers designer eyewear at a fair price. The Madrid-based company is driven by its objective to make a positive social impact. You can follow Miller & Marc’s journey on Facebook and Twitter.


Operating from Madrid, niid; is a company that operates in the healthcare, lifestyle, personal development, and professional services sector. Learn more about their work on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Markel Gibert, OX One and Valeria Valverde, OX MOTORCYCLES offers innovative lifestyle solutions in the automotive, communities, electric vehicle industry in Madrid. You can follow their journey and updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jaime Landeta Rózpide and headquartered in Madrid, Apodemia is a jewelry destination offering rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and earrings made with an exclusive 18-carat armored gold bath patent. This gives their products a half-life of 10 years, available at an affordable price. The company maintains its strong social presence on Facebook.


Co-founder trio Christopher Fuchs, Gonzalo Cebrian, and Stewart Masters established ClubKviar, a private gastronomic club that offers a selection of a city’s top restaurants with a simple online reservation service. ClubKviar’s journey can be followed on Facebook and Twitter.

Bultaco Motors

Founders Gerald Poellmann, Jorge Bonilla, and Juan Vinós launched Bultaco Motors to push the boundaries of electric mobility solutions for small vehicles. Bultaco manufactures high-end electric motorcycles that offer a sensational experience, creating a global brand with the essence of Madrid’s lifestyle. Follow Bultaco’s journey on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jorge Alcaide Gadea and Tulo García, Bodyla is an online platform from Madrid that specializes in promoting sports and group wellness activities. They aim to reduce sedentary levels and increase society’s physical well-being. The company’s updates can be followed on their Twitter handle.


Co-founded by Nadia Ramirez and Ton Pernas Freire, Trendipia is a unique platform for the discovery and sale of fashion and design author products. Serving as a marketplace and blog, Trendipia’s unique offerings make them a go-to place for design enthusiasts. Follow their journey on Facebook and Twitter.


Madrid-based HOLA! USA, founded by Antonio Gómez, covers everything from celebrity and royal news to trends in fashion, lifestyle, culture, and beauty with a Hispanic perspective. It is an integral part of the global media powerhouse – ¡HOLA! & HELLO! Follow their offerings on Facebook and Twitter.

In conclusion, Madrid’s lifestyle industry boasts an impressive range of companies bringing diversity and innovation. Each business featured today has enhanced Madrid’s reputation as a dynamic hub for the lifestyle industry, contributing to its cultural richness and economic growth.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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