Exploring Notable Lifestyle Brand Headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana

Welcome to Quins Sports, where we journey through the vibrant and innovative lifestyle industry located in the heart of New Orleans, Louisiana. Our focus in this article is on companies that have made New Orleans their home, infusing their business with the unique culture that only the Big Easy can serve. These companies vary in sphere of operation, ranging from fashion to media, e-commerce and event management.

While most may know New Orleans for its historic landmarks, jazz music and Mardi Gras, it is also home to a host of incredible companies contributing significantly to the lifestyle industry. Whether using locally-sourced materials to create stunning designs, curating unique experiences for locals and tourists alike, or paving the way in media content and publishing, these companies are shedding light on the influential entrepreneurial spirit thriving in the city.

The following are some remarkable companies in New Orleans that have showcased innovation, resilience, and a distinct dedication to their craft. We provide a brief bio of each company, showcasing their individual strengths and contributions to the lifestyle industry as it is today.


REpurposingNOLA is an inventive company in the consumer goods, e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle industry. Their unique approach to design involves utilizing excess fabrics from New Orleans to create designer goods, epitomizing the concept of sustainable and eco-friendly fashion.

The Distillery

Co-founded by Summer Suleiman, The Distillery is a vibrant media platform that produces original content focusing on the challenges that entrepreneurs encounter as they aim to establish and grow their enterprises. Their distinct concentration lies in highlighting the experiences of women and minority entrepreneurs.


Operating in the e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle industry, DirtyCoast offers a creative blend of style and culture unique to New Orleans.

A-1 Services

A-1 Services, operating in the home decor and lifestyle industry, is one of the largest independently family-owned and operated textile rental companies in the US. Their focus on customer service and satisfaction places them at the forefront of their industry.


Co-founded by Koby Sackey, JoyHound revolutionizes event management through its local-social-mobile event app that not only ranks content based on its social relevance but further influences event popularity.

Privy Label

Co-founded by Jessica (Walther) Osborn, Privy Label is a unique apparel company that guides brands from design to delivery with custom private label clothing made in the USA. They stand out in their consulting, fashion, lifestyle, and retail solutions.

NOLA Couture

A standout in the fashion and lifestyle industry, NOLA Couture is known for its vibrant and unique prints inspired by New Orleans and the south.

Lucy Rose

Lucy Rose, operating in the e-commerce, lifestyle, shopping, and women’s fashion industry, adds color and style to the industry with its unique designs and perspectives.


Kay’s believes in celebrating all body types. They are a street-style store focused on creating bold and unique pieces for fashion enthusiasts and statement makers everywhere.

That Sounds Cool

That Sounds Cool, co-founded by Zachary Cheney, offers unique experiences in and around southeast Louisiana, showcasing some of the best local knowledge and sights that make New Orleans an exciting place to be.

St. Andrew’s Village

St. Andrew’s Village is pioneering the way forward in the association, communities, healthcare, and lifestyle industry. They aim to create a faith-based community where adults with developmental disabilities and non-disabled individuals can live, work, socialize, and worship.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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