Exploring Nottingham’s Pioneering Forces in the Sporting Goods Industry

Welcome to another series of our articles where we highlight some of the prominent players in the Sporting Goods industry. In the spotlight today are companies whose headquarters are located in Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom. These companies illustrate a wide variety of service offerings in the sector, from retail and manufacturing to non-profit engagement. Let’s delve into understanding what each of these companies does and their contribution to the sports industry.

Nottingham has continued to establish itself as a significant hub for the Sporting Goods industry across the United Kingdom. Today, we’ll focus on six of these companies and provide a bio for each. The companies covered operate in various sectors such as fashion, golf, retail, sporting goods, manufacturing, sales, charity, non-profit, service industry, and sports.

For each company, we will provide a detailed explanation, including a link to their website, along with links to their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles wherever available. We’ll also provide some basic information about the founders where this information is available.


PlayerLayer was founded by Anthony Dyer, James Clayfield, and Roderick Bradley as a designer and retailer of premium sports performance clothing. The company offers premium and personalized sports clothing across all disciplines. Follow them on Twitter @playerlayer and on Facebook here.

Bunker Mentality

Bunker Mentality is a company that blends fashion and golf, offering creative and unique golf gear. Though the founders are not explicitly stated, they have managed to form a brand with a unique approach to golf apparel. You can catch them on Twitter @BunkerStyle, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.

Reydon Sports

Reydon Sports is known for manufacturing and wholesale of sporting goods. They offer a variety of products ranging from sports equipment to clothing wear. You can follow them on Twitter @reydonsportsplc and check them out on Linkedin here.

Unicorn Darts

For fans of Darts, Unicorn Darts is a company dedicated to the sales of sports equipment, specializing in darts. No data on the founders are available, but the company boasts of providing quality products. They can be found on Twitter @UnicornDarts and Facebook here.

Cerebral palsy sport

Cerebral palsy sport is a charitable organization that uses sports as a platform to support and encourage individuals with cerebral palsy. They aim to offer available opportunities for these individuals to participate in various physical activities. You can follow them on Twitter @CP_Sport, Facebook here, and Linkedin here.


Founded in 2018 by James Clayfield, Dreamsport creates bespoke sportswear for global, professional, and amateur clubs, as well as universities and schools. Their focus on customization sets them apart. You can follow them on Twitter @_Dreamsport and check them out on Linkedin here.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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