Exploring Pune’s Elite Fitness Industry: Spotlight on Leading Companies

Pune, the Oxford of the East, has emerged as a hub for fitness and wellness startups across several verticals, including medicine, nutrition, and sports. The bustling city that never sleeps has bred a generation of entrepreneurs who have married technology with fitness to revolutionize the industry. Here, we spotlight some of the companies that are changing the face of fitness, healthcare, and wellness in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

These startups are harnessing the power of technology to create innovative solutions in fitness and wellness, providing users with a host of products and services to help them lead a healthier and fit lifestyle. From offering one-stop solutions for all fitness requirements to helping users meet their goals through integrated ecosystems, these startups are using digital and AI technology to truly create a digital revolution in the fitness industry.

Let’s delve into the dynamic world of fitness and wellness startups in Pune and see how these companies are empowering individuals to prioritize their health and well-being in new and exciting ways.

Loop Health

Founded by Mayank Kale and Ryan Singh, Loop Health aims to provide patients seeking major medical treatments with transparency and ease. Loop Health has combined family physicians, top specialists, and leading hospitals in Pune to aid medical treatments. They provide services that help patients match with a doctor, compare treatment costs, get second opinions, and handle all the formalities – removing the stress and making lives easier for the patient and their families.


Fittr, co-founded by Bala Krishna Reddy Dabbedi and Jitendra Chouksey, is a health and wellness startup. This company believes in giving back to society, with volunteers across the globe taking part in causes such as blood donation drives, tree plantation, health awareness camps, and cleanliness drives.


Fitternity, founded by Jayam Vora and Neha Motwani, is the largest online preventive healthcare platform in India. Fitternity provides an integrated ecosystem for users to start and sustain their fitness journeys. From discovering and purchasing professional services to supporting users in successfully using these services, Fitternity aims to revolutionize the consumption of fitness by the urban Indians.


Phyt Health strives to provide personalized healthcare to patients with the assistance of AI. Their digital physiotherapy platform provides treatments by top physiotherapists via computer vision, right from the patient’s home. Phyt Health uses AI technology to curate health programs for a seamless virtual experience.


FlexifyMe, founded by Amit Bhayani and Manjeet Singh, aims to achieve mental, physical, and spiritual harmony. They provide live 1-on-1 and group sessions via world-class yoga, meditation, and nutrition coaches.

Empower Fitness Club

Established in 2006 by Ruchi Mam, the Empower Fitness Club has emerged as a leading player in the fitness gym industry. The club has a qualified staff of fitness management instructors, counselors, programmers, nutritionists, and personal gym trainers. Empower Fitness Club offers a vast range of facilities at an affordable cost, making it a one-stop destination for fitness requirements.

Healthy World

Founded by Puru Gupta and Sreejith Moolayil, HealthyWorld is a health startup that focuses on providing effective wellness products and services online. With an array of wellness foods, particularly organic, they aim to bridge the gap between access and consumption of healthy foods.


Heelium, founded by Prateek Sharma and Siddharth Jain, is a health and fitness product company with a focus on user safety and sustainability. Their mindfully created products reflect their commitment to good health.

NXG Labs

NXG Labs Pvt Ltd operates in diverse sectors including fitness, hospitality, pharmaceuticals, restaurants, software, tourism, and travel.


Started by Sanjay Kumar and Varsha Kumar, VitaminHaat is a leading E-commerce platform for dietary supplements, proteins and vitamins, and Ayurvedic health and wellness products. Their goal is to help people with nutrition requirements and related issues by offering authentic, affordable products and expert advice.


Founded by R.D Shwetang, Shreyas Shenoy, and Vrunda Karmarkar, GoPlayr is a marketplace for sports, fitness, and wellness activities. They aim to connect and enable fitness lovers to pursue and practice their favorite physical activities.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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