Exploring São Paulo’s Premier Cycling Companies: A Brazilian Bike Exposé

In the bustling city of São Paulo, multiple companies are taking sustainable steps forward within the cycling industry. These companies are not only transforming the face of environmental conservation, but also revolutionizing the way we consume and recycle products. From consumer goods brands promoting mindful consumption to tech startups introducing smart recycling solutions, here are some companies making waves in São Paulo’s cycling industry.


Founded by Marie Chauloux and Thiago Carvalho Pinto, eureciclo operates at the intersection of consumer goods, environmental consulting, and recycling. The company connects consumer goods brands with recyclers to promote recycling with a sense of social responsibility. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn, @seloeureciclo Twitter account and Facebook page.


Founded by Arthur Rufino and Daniel Oelsner Lopes, Octa operates in the automotive, cleantech, and recycling sectors. The company provides services for the demobilization and monetization of end-of-life cars, contributing to the optimization of the automotive circular economy. You can learn more about them on their LinkedIn page and Facebook page.


Established by Chicko Sousa, GreenPlat operates in numerous sectors including cleantech, environmental consulting, greentech, information technology, recycling, SaaS, smart cities, software, sustainability, and waste management. It has developed a blockchain-based SaaS ESG that tracks and monitors processes and supply chains. Visit their Twitter account, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile for more information.


Well-established in the fields of cycling, ride-sharing, sharing economy, transportation, and travel, E-Moving offers rentals of electric bikes for periods ranging from one month to one year. These rentals serve individuals, companies, hotels, and delivery services. Connect with them on Facebook and visit their LinkedIn profile for updates.

New Hope Ecotech

Founded by Luciana Oliveira and Thiago Carvalho Pinto, New Hope Ecotech is a tech startup that connects manufacturers to recycling players using tradable environmental securities. Their innovative solution helps manufacturers meet their recycling requirements while increasing overall recycling rates and generating additional income for recycling workers.

Circular Brain

Established by Fernando Perfeito, Marcello Fernandes Fornari, and Marcus William Oliveira, Circular Brain creates digital solutions in the Circular Economy and aims to promote circularity in global consumption cycles.

Gerdau Next Ventures

As part of Gerdau’s corporate venture capital program, Paris Ventures invests in and supports entrepreneurs transforming the built world. They furnish their portfolio companies with consultation on manufacturing and metallurgy, management, executive connections, and global commercial introductions.


Operating in the fields of cycling, manufacturing, and sports, Caloi is a renowned name in the sporting goods industry. You can keep updated with Caloi on their Twitter account, Facebook page, and LinkedIn profile.


Coletando operates in green consumer goods, green tech and recycling industries, contributing to a more sustainable consumption model.

Clube Santuu

Clube Santuu operates within the cycling, financial services, and insurance sectors, contributing positively to the cycling industry in São Paulo.


Abicatori works in the areas of e-commerce, recycling and shopping, making shopping more sustainable and mindful of the environment. Follow them on @abicatori and explore their LinkedIn profile for more information.

The cycling industry in São Paulo, driven by the aforementioned companies, is rapidly transforming to become more sustainable. The incorporation of recycling and sustainable practices highlights the remarkable steps taken by these companies toward a greener future.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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