Madison’s Trailblazing Recreation Industry: Highlighting Wisconsin’s Sports Giants

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Madison, the vibrant capital of Wisconsin, is known for its many recreational and sports activities. Business entities that contribute to these events are a key backbone that supports the local economy. In our series highlighting such companies, today we take a look at a few significant establishments in Madison that have etched their name in the recreation industry.

These organizations span across various industries such as golf, outdoor excursions, vehicle recreation, sports clubs, fitness and wellness, swimming and tennis clubs, community recreation, to name a few. Each has their unique services and offerings that enrich the recreational experience in Madison and its surroundings. This article aims to provide a brief overview of these establishments.

Nakoma Golf Club

A social entity that enriches the Madison’s golfing scene is the Nakoma Golf Club. Also specializing in other activities such as social events and dining, the club offers private, semi-private, and group lessons for golf students of all skill levels. The club offers more than just golfing, it’s a societal hub for Madison locals with its scenic beauty and plethora of club events.

Wisconsin Hoofers

Adding an adventurous tint to Madison, Wisconsin Hoofers is a prominent name in outdoor recreation services. Founded by Harold C. Bradley and Porter Butts, the organization offers a wide range of programs including hiking, mountaineering, riding, scuba diving, skiing, snowboarding, and sailing. They resonate with Madison’s spirit of adventure, offering an enriching experience to their customers.

East Madison Toyota

For automobile enthusiasts and recreational vehicle lovers, East Madison Toyota serves as a go-to place.

Forward Madison FC

The name Forward Madison FC is synonymous with Soccer in Madison. They represent the belief in community-building using sports as a tool, specifically through soccer/football.

University Recreation and Wellness

Focusing on fitness, health care, and sports, the University Recreation and Wellness of Madison provides a comprehensive service package that caters to wellness enthusiasts of all age groups.

Parkcrest Pool & Tennis Club

The Parkcrest Pool & Tennis Club provides an excellent venue for events, swimming, and tennis in Madison.

Madison School & Community Recreation

Providing outdoor and recreational services to the community and schools, the Madison School & Community Recreation is a well-known name in Madison.

Devils Lake Climbing Guides

The Devils Lake Climbing Guides offers a thrilling experience for adventure enthusiasts with their climbing services. Catering to youngsters, old-timers, beginners, and rusty climbers, they offer rock-climbing trips and courses which is a hit among Madison’s thrill-seeking population.


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