Malibu’s Top-Notch Fitness Firms Redefining United States Wellness landscape

Malibu: The Hub of Fitness Industry

Malibu, California has long been known for its stunning beaches, celebrity homes, and numerous health-conscious restaurants and shops. Recently, however, it has also emerged as a hub of the fitness industry, with a multitude of businesses operating in areas ranging from personal training and health care to exercise apparel and nutritional supplements. This burgeoning local market reflects a larger trend towards wellness and preventative health. This article highlights some of the notable businesses in the sector.

From traditional fitness centers and gyms to unique health retreats and wellness startups, Malibu is home to a diverse array of companies committed to helping people lead healthier lives. By offering cutting-edge products and services, these businesses use the latest science and technology to innovate in their respective niches. They represent a growing movement towards comprehensive wellness — physical, mental, and spiritual well-being — and a shift away from a solely reactive medical model.

Let’s explore some of the companies that make Malibu a mecca for fitness advocates and wellness professionals:

Cliffside Malibu

Founded by Richard Taite, Cliffside Malibu has gained recognition in the fitness and health care industries. Located in luxury surroundings, it offers top-notch facilities aimed at integrating health and wellbeing.

The Ranch Malibu

Founded by Alex Glasscock, The Ranch Malibu is an all-inclusive wellness retreat committed to promoting physical, mental and spiritual health. Through scientifically-backed methods, they enhance healthy living and awareness. The company’s programs are designed to promote balanced and healthy living. More about them can be found on their social media platforms: Facebook and Linkedin.

Kshamica MD

Kshamica MD, an e-commerce store founded by Dr. Kshamica Nimalasuriya, is about organic products and herbal supplements for personal health. It offers a host of remedies and products to ensure good health, beautiful skin, hair, nail, and weight loss.

Paradigm Malibu

Paradigm Malibu is a residential treatment program catering to adolescents struggling with chemical dependency, emotional health, and behavioral health issues. More information can be found on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Summit Malibu

Founded by Steven Booth and William Oswald, Summit Malibu offers a range of therapies – from traditional to more contemporary such as art, music, and psychodrama therapy. Their innovative treatment enriches lives helping individuals lead a healthy and happy life. More about them can be found on their website and on their Facebook and Linkedin.

Craft Boxing

Craft Boxing is a boxing-specific training camp that enhances power and strength, crucial for the sport. Find out more about them on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Serenity Malibu

Serenity Malibu is a healing center providing remedial solutions and care. Visit their Facebook for more.


Founded by Saravanan Krishnamoorthy, trineOMICS is taking personalized healthcare to a new level through genetics. Learn more about them on their Facebook and Linkedin pages.

Cure Daily

With a focus on wellness and health care, Cure Daily provides dietary supplements to keep you fit. Check out their Facebook and Linkedin for regular updates.

Fit Store

A go-to destination for fitness enthusiasts, Fit Store is an e-commerce platform offering a variety of fitness products.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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