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Preparing For Super Bowl LVII By Understanding The Betting And Odds Of The Game And The Teams Involved

The sports betting industry has grown so much in leaps and bounds and is one of the most lucrative markets in the world today. Among the many sporting events that attract the most bets in the United States, the Super Bowl reigns supreme. It is the biggest sports game in America, and one of the most watched in the world.

Another Super Bowl is around the corner; the big day will take place at the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, on Sunday, February 12, 2023, which means now is the perfect time to start getting your bets ready. Critical analysis of playoff-bound teams, NFL Super Bowl odds, and each market can help you make the right picks. This article takes you through all you need to know about Super Bowl LVII, and how you can place bets.

What is the Super Bowl About?

Football is America’s biggest sport and the Super Bowl is football’s biggest game. The Super Bowl marks the end of a National Football League season and is a finals game between the winner of the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC).

US residents can catch all the action live on FOX or via the streaming platform, FuboTV. This year’s Super Bowl is the 57th of its kind, and Arizona will be hosting the game for the fifth time in history. The last two winners of the Super Bowls won on their home turf, and if history is to repeat itself, the Arizona Cardinals will lift the Lombardi Trophy for the first time in the NFL-AFL era.

How Do I Bet on Super Bowl LVII?

These are some simple tips to follow:

  • Select a good NFL betting site

There are several gambling sites available for you to choose from in the US, with many more on their way to launching. First, keep in mind that online betting is illegal in some states, and not every bookmaker is licensed to operate in the state you live in.

Also consider some important criteria such as payment options, bonuses and incentives, and online reviews.

  • Sign up as a bettor

Once you’ve found the perfect site for you, the next step is to create a bettor’s account. You’ll be required to provide some pieces of information such as your full name, date of birth, age, email, and phone number. You may also be asked to provide a couple of verification documents to certify that you’re legally permitted to bet on sports.

Online sports betting sites in the US offer new customers a welcome bonus, so make sure to redeem it.

  • Stay updated

Diligent research separates the pros from others. Ensure to keep yourself up-to-date with the latest news on and off the field. Listen to what the experts have to say about the game, check for injury updates, player form, winning/losing streak, and many more details that can help you make a better informed betting choice.

  • Start betting

Of course! There are different Super Bowl bets you’ll find on sports betting sites. You may choose to bet on points, game results, and player props to name a few.

Start with the team or player you can vouch for rather than teams that are not so in-form, and leverage your welcome bonus to understand how Super Bowl betting works.

  • Use other incentives for your benefit

Asides from the welcome bonus, sports betting sites usually offer other perks to their customers. You may be offered a loyalty bonus, discounts on your bets, and many more. Ensure to make the most of them.

What Type of Bets Can I Place on the Super Bowl?

It depends on your bookmaker, but here are some of the most common Super Bowl bets available.

Outright Winner

This is the most common Super Bowl bet, and it’s a straightforward bet; you simply need to predict who wins the Super Bowl. This bet can be made during the offseason and as the season progresses.

Total Points Scored

You can also place a bet on the total number of points scored at the Super Bowl, especially if you are not sure about making an outright winner bet. This type of bet is best advised when the two Super Bowl teams have offensive firepower.

Point Spread

This bet is perfect if you think the game is likely going to be a one-sided affair. The reward gets even juicier when you bet on the underdog to win the Super Bowl.

TDs or FGs

You can also predict the number of touchdowns or field goals scored at the Super Bowl. This is one of the more risky bets, but if you think you have a good shot at winning, why not?

Player Props

You can also bet on player props, like the first player to score a touchdown, the winner of the Super Bowl MVP, and other statistical metrics such as most touchdowns, touchdown passes, receptions, passing yards, sacks, et cetera.

Written by Marcus Richards

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