Recreation Industry Giants Thriving in Virginia Beach Spotlight: A Dynamic Focus

The recreation industry in Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States is home to a multitude of companies. From civil engineering to golf clubs, these businesses contribute to the vibrant culture and economy of the area. In this series, we’re highlighting some of the key players in this sector.

One aspect that makes Virginia Beach unique is the variety of recreational options available. This has fuelled the emergence of companies that cater to different niches within the industry. Whether it’s construction firms for recreational facilities, restoration companies, or sports clubs, the companies highlighted below have strong roots in Virginia Beach.

Without further ado, let’s explore some of these exceptional companies that are based in Virginia Beach, each contributing to the vibrant and refreshing recreational industry of the region.

Sussex Development

Founded by Harry L. Davis, Sussex Development has carved its niche in the industry of civil engineering, commercial, construction, recreation, and residential. The company is known for its comprehensive pre-construction work and design, careful review of construction documents, and smart utilisation of the construction-specific accounting software. They also have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a Linkedin account where followers can stay up to date with Sussex Development’s latest news and events.

First Atlantic Restoration

First Atlantic Restoration is a prominent company in the commercial, public safety, recreation, and residential sectors. This Virginia Beach-based company also operates in the warehousing sector. More details about this company can be obtained from their official Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin pages.

Ocean Breeze Waterpark

A favorite among local and traveling families, Ocean Breeze Waterpark is a centerpiece in the outdoors and recreation industry in Virginia Beach. To see what adventures await at this waterpark, visit their website or get updates from their Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin accounts.

Beach FC

As a leading company in recreation, soccer, and sports, Beach FC is cultivating sports talents in the region. Anyone interested in joining or following their sporting activities can find more information on their official website, Twitter account, and Facebook page.

The Virginia Beach Sportsplex

With a stadium offering six corporate suites, two locker rooms, an enclosed media area, and concession stands, The Virginia Beach Sportsplex serves as a distinguished sports and recreation venue in this region. Information about training, tournaments, and leagues can be found on their website or their Linkedin account, with updates posted regularly on their Twitter page.

Bayville Golf Club

When it comes to events, golf, and recreation, Bayville Golf Club is a leading company. This private society offers fantastic facilities for dining, weddings, and other events, plus offers space for tournaments. More information on their offerings can be gained via their official website, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin pages.

Cypress Point Country Club

Leveraging its legacy in the golf, recreation, and sports industry, Cypress Point Country Club provides an extraordinary recreational experience. Further details related to their services are available on their official website and Facebook page.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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