Spotlight on McLean’s Powerhouse Fitness Companies: Virginia’s Wellness Trailblazers

McLean, Virginia, is fast emerging as a significant center for fitness companies. The town is full of innovative companies that aim at making significant leaps in the world of fitness and wellness for their clientele. Combining modern technologies with expert knowledge, these companies are rapidly setting new trends in the industry. They are not just changing the general outlook on health, they are practically defining it. Let’s look at some of them:


Yombu, founded by Derek Sanford, Joseph Falit, and Mark Denchy, is a software and biometrics company on the forefront of customer engagement. They achieve this through creating innovative digital-first client experiences across different niches, including the fitness industry. Their ingenious approach incorporates mobile payments, software, and wellness, serving both businesses and the general public. Find them on their social media handles: @Yombu360, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Purpose Health

Purpose Health, nestled in the heart of Mclean, operates in the health care and wellness sectors. The company’s focus is on mental wellness. They support consumers with data-driven insights drawn from the impact of stress on the human body. Here’s a link to their LinkedIn profile.


Sport&Health is a comprehensive fitness facility that boasts various programs to meet the needs of all fitness levels. The hub integrates fun with fitness to create unique experiences for their clientele. They have various specializations including sports, fitness, health care, and recreational activities. Connect with them on their social media: @sportandhealth, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

1TO1 Fitness

1TO1 Fitness is not just a gym; it’s a physical fitness center. They offer a wide range of services including personal training, sports training, nutrition coaching, and ensuring quality movement. Check them out on their social media: @onetoonefitcntr, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


BREAKAWAY Fitness operates in the fitness, health care, personal health, and wellness sectors in Mclean. Find them on their social media here: Facebook, LinkedIn.

Results Redefined

Results Redefined is about more than just exercise. The company offers various services like diet counseling, disease management, and health maintenance. Hang out with them on their social media handles: Facebook, LinkedIn.

McLean Racquet & Health Club

The McLean Racquet & Health Club offers people in McLean a comprehensive package regarding fitness. The club offers more than just gym services. They provide events, sports, swimming, tennis, training, and wellness programs. Check them out on their social media: @MRHClub, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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