Spotlight on Norwalk-Based Lifestyle Companies Revolutionizing Sports Industry

Norwalk, Connecticut, often considered a quintessential American suburb, hosts an array of companies operating diligently in the Lifestyle space. This scenic coastal city is more than just appealing beaches and picture-perfect vistas; it is also the headquarters to a number of dynamic companies that significantly contribute to the global lifestyle industry. Here, we bring you an insider view of these businesses, offering a sneak peek into their operations, goals, and achievements.

These Norwalk-based companies span various lifestyle verticals from fitness, wellness, fashion through to e-commerce, jewelry, millennial-centric services and more. What binds them together is their persistent commitment to improving the quality of life and promoting a productive, balanced lifestyle. These companies demonstrate ingenuity, innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit that has firmly positioned Norwalk as a significant player in the global lifestyle market.

Let’s delve into these dynamic businesses and explore how they are shaping consumer life in the 21st century:

Cava Capital

Cava Capital, founded by Geoff Schneider, is a venture capital firm that seeks out opportunities in Mobile, Commerce, SaaS, Marketplaces, and Digital marketing that capitalize on the rising consumer trends, the maturing millennial generation, shared economy and more. They support both established and early growth businesses to maximize their growth trajectory.
Connect with Cava Capital on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and @CavaCapital on Twitter.


MBI, the Norwalk-based company operating in the jewelry and lifestyle segment was launched by Michael Sprouse. To know more about their offerings and initiatives, follow MBI on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @mbiinc_ct.

Dooney & Bourke

Started by Frederic Bourke and Peter Dooney, Dooney & Bourke caters to the e-commerce, fashion, leisure, lifestyle, and travel sectors. Follow them on their Facebook page and @dooneyandbourke on Twitter to stay updated about the latest collections and offerings.


Founded by Brian Hedeen and Manash Chatterjee, Viridian is a sustainable lifestyle company that promotes a culture of achievement, recognition, and global service. Their eco-friendly energy and travel solutions aim to lead us towards a sustainable future. To know more about their initiatives, follow Viridian on Facebook and LinkedIn.

My Secret Luxury

My Secret Luxury, founded by Stacy Rybchin, is more than just a brand. It celebrates individual passions offering a sophisticated, upscale, and unintimidating shopping experience. Connect with My Secret Luxury on their Facebook page and @MySecretLuxury on Twitter.


MONICA RICH KOSANN is a luxury jewelry and lifestyle brand that showcases timeless collections. You can follow their captivating journey on Facebook, LinkedIn, and @monicarkosann on Twitter.

Big Enough

Big Enough designs and manufactures high-quality, European-inspired clothing for children up to 12 years. Made of the finest quality cotton, their clothes promise comfort, durability, and fit.

Irina Simeonova Collection

The Irina Simeonova Collection is an exceptional fashion line for women who know how to make their mark with their style. Visit their website to explore their unique ensembles.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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