Spotlight on Palo Alto’s Top Sports Industry Firms: A Series

As a hub for technology and innovation, Palo Alto, California is an ideal area for pioneering businesses to set roots. The diversity of industries thriving in this area is vast, and the sports industry is no exception. The following companies have successfully merged their passion for sports and their innovative ideas to offer creative and unique solutions in the sports industry. From fantasy sports gaming platforms to training programs, these enterprises have set new standards in their respective fields, proving Palo Alto to be just the place for groundbreaking sports companies in the US.

These businesses not only contribute significantly to the economy by offering pioneering products and services but also fill specific market gaps, setting industry standards, and providing employment opportunities. The collision of sports and tech has given rise to a new subset of the sports industry and Palo Alto is setting the benchmark. The following businesses are the shining stars of Palo Alto’s healthy ecosystem of sports industry companies.

Whether it’s inventing the new wheels of fantasy sports, reinventing nutrition, optimizing career finances, revamping digital marketing, introducing unique training methods, advancing analytics, or uncovering the sheer joy of sports, these businesses are proof that Palo Alto is at the heart of sports tech innovation. Here’s a look at these remarkable companies and what sets them apart in the robust sports industry:

Lucra Sports

Lucra Sports is a game-changer blending eSports, Fantasy Sports and Gaming in a unique way. Founded by Dylan Robbins, the company has created a thrilling social-first sports gaming platform that layers neatly at the intersection of sports gaming and fantasy sports. It is a hub for players who enjoy the thrill and fun of both enjoying sporting events and engaging in competitive gaming. Learn More


Momentous, the brainchild of Matt Wan and Rob Dyrdek, is a nutritional supplement company that aims to enhance performance with its line of high-quality, filler-free, and extremely effective products. Working with experts from the NFL, NBA, and NHL, Momentous ensures its products are designed with the best knowledge in sports. Learn More


Pando, founded by Charlie Olson and Eric Lax, is providing a novel financial tool designed for individuals in high volatility careers including professional athletes and entrepreneurs. Leveraging a unique concept that lets people pool their future incomes, Pando has carved a niche in personal finance. Learn More

Web3 Pro™

Web3 PRO, led by Christian Ferri and Jeff Mallett, has catered to numerous industries, merging sports with Blockchain, Digital Marketing, Enterprise Software and more. Their unique offerings integrate marketing, blockchain technology, and enterprise solutions in ways not previously seen. Learn More

Learn to Win

Learn to Win, founded by Andrew Powell, Sasha Seymore, and Thomas Hatton, is a high-performance micro-learning training platform designed for the most intense roles in the sports industry. Leveraging cognitive learning science, they help prevent mental lapses when performance is paramount. Learn More


DarkHorse, the brainchild of Billy Brush and Juan Delgado, is a company changing the face of sports technology by merging it with machine learning, AI, and analytics. They are a singular force in the sports tech industry maximizing the use of data. Learn More


Zone7, founded Eyal Eliakim and Tal Brown, uses AI to optimize human performance and endurance. It caters to professional sports franchises and hospitals around the world, providing actionable insights to help optimize performance and prevent injuries. Learn More

Thuuz Sports

Thuuz Sports, co-founded by Bill Bradford, Bob Barcklay, Dan Lythcott-Haims, and Warren Packard, is an innovative mobile and TV service transforming the way sports fans discover and connect to sports programming. It leverages analytics, social media, and fans’ preferences to rate games and keep aficionados up to date.


Metacafe, co-founded by Arik Czerniak, Eyal Hertzog, and Noam Copel, is a unique website that offers short-form entertainment videos across genres, including sports. They create a bridge between audiences and premium entertainment with their rich content library. Learn More

Uplift Labs

Founded by Jonathan Wills, Rahul Rajan, and Sukemasa Kabayama, Uplift Labs specializes in bettering human movements with AI-powered analytic solutions aimed at improving performance and reducing injuries in sports. Learn More


SportConnect, created by Jussi Jokinen and Tomi Terentjeff, is a platform that lets sports, fitness, and wellness influencers monetize their expertise and content through native mobile apps. It offers sleek apps for partners, allowing them to manage content effectively. Learn More

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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