Spotlight on Stockholm: Unveiling Lifestyle Industry Game-Changers in Quins

In Stockholm, the landscape of lifestyle companies is diverse and vibrant. From health care, to fashion, e-commerce, and more, these companies are taking giant leaps to make waves in the industry. This is a sneak peek into some of the remarkable lifestyle companies in Stockholm, their journey, and the ideas they stand for.

Whether it is creating smart, sustainable solutions for delivery, providing health analysis via blood testing, or developing innovative technology for the fashion conscious shopper, these companies are addressing a variety of lifestyle concerns. These solutions which mix technology, innovation and lifestyle are not only limited to Stockholm or even Sweden, but provide impetus for advancements in lifestyle industries across the globe.

So let’s explore these dynamic companies and the minds behind them. Each one is shaping the pathway to a better lifestyle, whether it’s through technology-based solutions, more sustainable practices, or simply making everyday life a tad more convenient.


Founded by Frans Rosén, Jenna Holcombe, Johan Hemberg, and Martin Jensen, Centra’s reach extends from Stockholm to Wroclaw, Poland and even New York City, USA. They focus on e-commerce software, answering the call of a new generation of brands that need a more global approach. Their work bridges the gap between people and products, facilitating a seamless experience for lifestyle and fashion shopping.

Additional links for Centra: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Conceived by Mats Forsberg, Urb-IT aims to revolutionize delivery services while focusing on sustainability. Through existing store pick-ups and pedal power, they reduce pollution and congestion, while providing customer-focused, eco-friendly delivery options.

Additional links for Urb-IT: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Cofounders Rickard Lagerqvist and William Stoddart at Werlabs aim to provide health information to customers through blood tests. This Stockholm-based medical technology company is assisting customers to maintain and monitor their health efficiently.

Additional links for Werlabs: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Dashl is an innovation in the personal care industry. Founders Arbilina Nissan, Henric Larsson, Nina Akbari, and Victor Stodell have created an easier and smarter way to book hair and beauty treatments, allowing consumers to select stylists based on their portfolio, and book appointments as per their convenience.

Additional links for Dashl: Facebook


Sniph is a subscription service for perfumes founded by Emil Angervall, Lisa Kjellqvist, Tara Derakshan, and Tengblad Mattias. They believe in the emotions and memories that can be sparked by a particular scent. Sniph’s scents give customers the opportunity to discover new aromas and take a olfactory journey.

Additional links for Sniph: Facebook | LinkedIn

Stellar Equipment

Stellar Equipment was founded by Fredrik Dahl and John Crawford-Currie. This company designs, develops, and manufactures high-quality technical products and sells them exclusively through their channels.

Additional links for Stellar Equipment: Twitter | Facebook


Ivyrevel is a digital fashion house, created for a digital-savvy GENERATION. Inspired by urban contrasts, their collections are a mix of polished, loud, and bold designs. They have an impressive approach to detail and aim at creating designs that look stunning in both the online and offline world.

Additional links for Ivyrevel: Facebook


Developed by Johan Bergenudd and Karolina Öman, Angelchat is an instant messaging app that matches and pairs users who seek or provide emotional support. Their efforts contribute to better mental and emotional health in a digital society.

Additional links for Angelchat: Facebook | LinkedIn

20-30 Coliving

20-30 Coliving is addressing space waste and social isolation. Founders Marcus Waserbrot, Markus Linhardt, and Ulrika Hafström push for the implementation of sustainable living concepts for individuals aged 20 to 30.

Additional links for 20-30 Coliving: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


Colive, headed by Jonas Häggqvist and Katarina Beyer, promotes a modern and sustainable lifestyle that besides benefiting the individual also affects their budget positively.

Additional links for Colive: LinkedIn


Drool, under the guidance of Axel Skytting and Gustav Bauer, provides an e-commerce platform for fashion and accessories, offering an efficient and user-friendly shopping experience that caters to the fast fashion needs of consumers.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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