Steamboat Springs: Home to Innovative Fitness Industry Leaders

Steamboat Springs, a vibrant mountain town located in Colorado, has been gaining prominence not just for its scenic beauty and adventurous activities but also for being a hub for flourishing companies in the fitness industry. This article showcases a few of these key players operating from Steamboat Springs in various niche areas within the fitness sector.

From companies innovating in health and nutrition to those offering therapeutics and wellness, product manufacturing, retail, and more; each brings a unique dimension to this dynamic and growing industry. They not only contribute to the local economy but also impact the global fitness landscape with their unique offerings.

Let’s dive deeper and understand the story of these companies, their founding, and the value proposition they offer to their customers. As we explore their journey, you will see how each one of them contributes to making your workout sessions and fitness routines more effective, fulfilling, and enjoyable.


Founded by Grant D Fenton in 2010, PowerIce is a beverage company that focuses on fitness, food, beverage, health care, and nutrition. PowerIce offers delicious and hydrating frozen ice bars, which are an ideal snack for athletes and those with active lifestyles. The bars also replenish sodium and potassium electrolytes, providing incremental intake benefits compared to other sports drinks. PowerIce is located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


Founded by Patty and Peter Duke, SmartWool revolutionized the industry by introducing wool as a comfortable, natural, and renewable performance fiber. The company is renowned for its ultra-soft, breathable, and temperature-regulating products. Since 1994, SmartWool has continued to innovate and expand its product range beyond comfortable socks to include a diverse array of apparel and accessories.

Old Town Hot Springs

Old Town Hot Springs is a family-friendly recreation and wellness facility. It offers hot soaking pools, water slides, group fitness classes, gyms, personal training, climbing walls, and massage therapies. With a focus on safety and guidelines, the facility aligns with needs of those pursuing fitness, personal health, swimming, and overall wellness.

Thrival Muscle Recovery

Thrival Muscle Recovery operates in the e-commerce, fitness, and manufacturing sectors. Their products help athletes and fitness enthusiasts recover faster and perform better.

Forever Fit Physical Therapy

Forever Fit Physical Therapy offers comprehensive rehabilitation and therapeutic services. They specialize in areas including physical therapy, chronic pain management, and sports injury treatment. Their approach promotes wellness, fitness, and the recovery of the body to an optimal state of health.

Venga CBD

Venga CBD is an e-commerce, fitness, retail, and sports company. They are dedicated to helping endurance athletes perform their best by providing CBD products designed for optimal absorption and bioavailability.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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