Tokyo’s Top Lifestyle Brands Making Waves in Quins Sports Arena

Set in the heart of Tokyo, a city renowned for being a global hub of fashion, innovation, and lifestyle, are a multitude of companies making waves in the lifestyle industry. Combining the city’s creative spirit with cutting-edge technology, these enterprises are redefining norms and transforming industries ranging from fashion and e-commerce to energy, finance, and photography. Here’s a rundown of some of the top lifestyle companies thriving in Tokyo, Japan.

Providing high-quality products, these industry leaders not only strive to deliver impeccable services but also make substantial contributions to society. With their diverse business operations cutting across different sectors, they serve as drivers of economic growth and developers of sustainable industries. Let us delve into the world of these companies and understand their peculiar roles in shaping lifestyle trends and pushing the boundaries of consumer culture.

Join us on this journey as we explore the unique facets of these corporations. Be prepared to be intrigued by their innovative approach to business and inspired by their single-minded dedication to offering the best to their consumers. Welcome to the realm of lifestyle companies of Tokyo, where creativity, technology, and style converge.


Founded by Armel Cahierre, Milleporte has established itself as a leading figure in the e-commerce, fashion, Internet, and Lifestyle industry. Providing high quality and fairly priced products to its 2.5 million members, this fashion and lifestyle EC site has collaborated with over 4,000 brands in its six-year journey. Connect with Milleporte on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Next on our list is, an e-commerce platform dealing in apparels and shoes. Established in 2010 by Kachun To and Yusuke Tanaka, the company is now a go-to fashion hub for many individuals. Find on Twitter and Facebook.

Mitsubishi Corporation

Founded by Iwasaki Yatarō, Mitsubishi Corporation is a global integrated business enterprise making significant advancements in energy, finance, and lifestyle sectors. The corporation is not only one of Japan’s largest companies but also contributes towards sustainable natural resources and industrial goods manufacturing. Connect with Mitsubishi Corporation on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Created by Takehito Yoshizawa, CarryOnMall is a unique platform that encourages mothers to choose suitable clothes for their children. It is a children’s fashion community collecting used clothes, making kids’ fashion affordable and sustainable. Connect with CarryOnMall on Facebook.


Founded by Jo Kazuhiro, Ancar is an interpersonal car buying and selling service. Their wide range of services includes automobile sales brokerage, maintenance, and private sales, putting a new spin on the automobile industry. Connect with Ancar on Twitter and Facebook.


Atsuhiko Shimizu founded Personize, the operator of salomee LIVE, an online platform for beauticians. From hairdressers to makeup artists, the platform allows beauty professionals to distribute their videos and advice.


WHITEPLUS is a laundry delivery service established in 2009 by Akimoto Yukihiro and Ryosuke Saito. The company aims to revolutionize the conventional way of doing laundry. To learn more about WHITEPLUS, connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

8 Securities Japan

Next in line is 8 Securities Japan, a flourishing entity in the lifestyle, security, and shopping industry.


One Nova is a lifestyle brand and online platform that offers a wide range of innerwear products like men’s boxers. Connect with One Nova on Twitter and Facebook.

Recruit Holdings

Recruit Holdings is a massive conglomerate dealing in several industries such as human resources, IT, lifestyle, media, and more. The company initially started as an advertisement firm and gradually expanded its services. Follow Recruit Holdings on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Finally, we have zoolook a fashion-focused photo-sharing application launched by Benoit Lavaud. Majorly aimed at young fashionistas, zoolook enables users to share their styles, participate in fashion contests, and explore fashion trends around the world. Connect with zoolook on Twitter, Facebook.

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