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Top 10 NFL Teams Going Into 2023

The NFL is a fickle beast, and with the 2022 season now gone, it’s time to take a look at who will be the best teams in 2023. Although no team can stay on top forever—just ask the Patriots—certain franchises seem to have found their groove and consistently produce strong results year after year. That said, here are our predictions for what teams you’ll see competing if you want to bet on the NFL in 2023:


10. Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are now recognized as one of the NFL’s top teams. Despite having a superior rushing offense and a top-notch pass defense, Aaron Rodgers is still not performing at an MVP-caliber level. All of this points to a scenario in which the team defeats the Detroit Lions in Week 18 and advances.

9. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions handled the intimidation in Carolina very well. Detroit won easily thanks to its ground game’s 265 yards, but it’s defense made a big difference with 10 third-down stops and two interceptions. Everything is in place for a thrilling Lions vs. Packers matchup in Week 18, with a playoff position perhaps on the line.

8. Jaguars of Jacksonville

In Week 18, the Jacksonville Jaguars should thrash Tennessee, winning the AFC South title and guaranteeing a rare home playoff game. Jacksonville has enough young firepower to at least give them an entertaining team to watch in the Wild Card stage, as seen by victories over the Jets and Cowboys.

7. Los Angeles Chargers

All the ingredients are in place for the Los Angeles Chargers to be a surprise Super Bowl contender. Outstanding quarterback, an up-and-coming offense, and an elite defense with the return of its key players. Justin Herbert and the Chargers are the AFC club you want to pull off some playoff surprises with.

6. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys’ victory over Tennessee on Thursday did nothing to allay critics’ concerns. Josh Dobbs was reasonably successful defensively for a third option and the Cowboys’ pass rush is looking more flash than substance. Prescott has committed 10 turnovers in his six games, so when you put those two things together, you have the makings of a Cowboys first-round playoff departure.

5. Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts, the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, is scheduled to make a comeback in Week 18, but he will be joining a squad that has lost a lot of its momentum. A few weeks ago, getting the first-round bye looked inevitable; now, everything is in doubt. The showdown against New York has such high stakes since health might be the deciding factor.

4. San Francisco 49ers

With nine straight victories, the San Francisco 49ers have the NFL’s longest active winning streak. It’s concerning that they had to beat Las Vegas in overtime and gave up more than 500 yards to Jarrett Stidham and company. San Francisco still has a chance to be dangerous in the playoffs, but it depends on Mr. Irrelevant continuing his remarkable run and the 49ers’ secondary developing its ability to cover No. 1 receivers.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

In the NFL standings, a win is a win, but we’re assessing Super Bowl contenders. The Kansas City Chiefs are currently playing sloppy football, committing expensive errors, and being unable to consistently execute on either side of the ball. However, it appears that many of the NFL’s top teams are experiencing that lately, so we’ll bank on Patrick Mahomes to turn things around.

2. Bengals of Cincinnati

The Cincinnati Bengals’ performance in the first quarter on Christmas Eve turned out to be all they needed. Take a look at what occurred to one of the finest NFL defenses, New England, when it was unable to pressure Joe Burrow. Burrow provides the Bengals with a real chance to beat anyone en route to the Super Bowl because Cincinnati’s defense is far stronger than Kansas City’s group.

1. Buffalo Bills

Nobody doubts the Buffalo Bills’ ability to triumph in inclement postseason conditions. Two weeks in a row have seen one of the top NFL teams demonstrate that it is possible to win games against opponents in icy conditions. Some of their playoff opponents don’t possess that attribute. Now, we face Cincinnati in Week 17, which everyone should hope will be a preview of the playoffs.


These are some of the top teams in the NFL in 2023. The list might change as the Superbowl draws nearer, but these are the teams that look like they will be competitive for years to come.

Written by Marcus Richards

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