Zürich Based Sports Giants: Commanding the Field from Swiss HQs

Welcome to our special series of reports that aim to recognize the impact and influence of the vibrant sports industry in Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland. Our city, renowned for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant cosmopolitan lifestyle, is also home to numerous innovative companies operating in the realm of sports. This series of articles will get up close and personal with diverse companies, from those using cutting-edge technology to revolutionize athletic practices, to those creating exciting gaming and digital entertainment experiences, all headquartered in Zürich. Let us introduce you to the movers and shakers of Zürich’s sports industry.


Industry: Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Entertainment, Sports

Founded by José David Poveda and Pedro Mestriner, Horizm is rapidly carving a niche in digital inventory management. By leveraging artificial intelligence for the sports and entertainment industry, they help brands connect with sports fans and rights holders to generate new digital revenues. This connection and monetization is made easier and more efficient with Horizm’s digital commercial toolkit. Follow Horizm on Linkedin to stay updated with their advancements.


Industry: Hospitality, Marketplace, Media and Entertainment, Sports

DAIMANI, a dynamic marketplace striving to bridge official providers of VIP Hospitality packages with corporate or individual customers. Engage with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Industry: SaaS, Soccer, Sports
Founders: Davide Faga, Patrick Patzig, Simon Arpagaus, Stefan Steuble
At coachbetter, it’s all about revolutionizing the way soccer coaches learn, communicate and manage practices. They provide professional coaching content and digital solutions that elevates every coach’s performance. Get to know them better on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Industry: Internet, Social Network, Sports
Founders: Diego Seitz
GotCourts is a web platform born for racquet sport lovers. Not only do they offer booking services for sport courts, but they also help users find playing partners and maintain connections with their tennis buddies. Get connected with them on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Industry: Manufacturing, Sports
Founders: Pius Kobler
milKit, founded by Pius Kobler, keeps the adventurous spirit alive among mountain bikers by offering solutions to everyday biking hassles. Stay updated with their latest innovations on Twitter and Facebook.


Industry: Broadcasting, Internet, Sports
Founders: Joao Presa, Pedro Presa
Targeting the semi-professional, amateur and youth football segment, mycujoo has rapidly carved out its niche in football streaming and media rights platform. Follow their journey on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

macu4 AG

Industry: Lifestyle, Medical Device, Sports
Founders: Alec Chevrot, Lukas Schiller, Myriam Lingg
macu4 AG is innovating orthopedic solutions with trendy, lightweight & breathable 3D printed devices. Find out more about their progress on LinkedIn.


Industry: Recreation, Sports, Web Design
Founders: Adam Bonvin
Alaïa is enhancing the action sports experience in Switzerland with first-class sports centres and surfing lagoons. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

FIFA – Federation Internationale de Football Association

Industry: Soccer, Sports
Founders: Frenchman Robert Guerin
Founded in 1904, FIFA is globally recognized for promoting football around the globe and for the organization of major international football tournaments, notably the World Cup. It’s real-time updates can be accessed via their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Industry: Information Technology, Marketing, Sports
Founders: Reto Scheidegger, Stephan Schuerer
Fanpictor uses advanced technology to create thrilling fan-driven experiences that strengthen links between fans, teams, rights holders, and brands. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay a part of the thrilling experiences.

5am Games

Industry: Sports, Video Games
Founders: Alexandra Iakusheva, Martina Hotz, Selina Capol
5am Games transports audiences into an exciting world of adventure games. Get updated on their latest projects through their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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