Barcelona-Based Lifestyle Brands Elevating Catalonia’s Sports Culture

From lifestyle brands with a focus on wellness and sustainability, to tech companies that place user experience at their core, the city of Barcelona is a vibrant hub for innovative businesses. Explore our selection of innovative companies based and operating in Catalonian capital, pioneering change in the global lifestyle industry. Each company listed below is distinguished by its unique contribution to their industry sector, driven by a commitment to quality, sustainability, and excellence in their respective fields.


Vitaance is a remarkable insurance startup in the wellness sector. Founded by Ana Zamora, Bernard Granados, and Christian Rochas, Vitaance has revolutionized the insurance scene with an app that focuses on employee wellness and engagement. Employing a comprehensive strategy that combines physical and mental wellbeing, healthy competition and donations to NGOs, the company has managed to promote healthier living among users. The concept also simplifies access to and understanding of life and accident insurance coverage for the employees. Vitaance ingeniously incentivises users by offering rewards for healthy routines and challenges. Learn more about the brand on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Daniel and Sebastian Foth, CeleBreak emerged from a simple passion for football. Born out of frustration due to the lack of options to play football casually, CeleBreak has grown into a global community of football enthusiasts. With operations across major cities like Munich, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Frankfurt & Los Angeles, CeleBreak focuses on fun, competitiveness and socialising. Discover more on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Brava Fabrics

Brava Fabrics shot to fame for their sustainably crafted apparel, appealing to the environmentally conscious shopper. Ivan Monells Costa and Ramón Barbero, the founders, have meticulously sourced natural fibers, renewable resources and recycled materials to produce fashionable garments for men and women. Find Brava Fabrics on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


FABBRIC, launched by Alba Rocafort and Hugo Cuesta, assists content creators to launch their own brand in a simplified, accessible, and sustainable manner. This all-in-one platform is transforming the fashion industry. Connect with FABBRIC on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Known for its eco-friendly footwear offerings, SAYE was founded by Lizzie Sabin Guerin and Marta Llaquet Pujol. SAYE strives to reduce the environmental impact of the fast-fashion industry, manufacturing shoes using organic and recycled materials. Explore more about SAYE on their Facebook page.


Eelp! is the convenient solution to everyday life, brought to life by Alex Caudet, Alex Díaz, and Carlos Blanco. Intended as a platform that caters to a variety of personal daily needs for busy individuals, Eelp! has simplified many daily tasks. Follow Eelp! on their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to stay updated.

Del Sol Espana

Del Sol Espana, founded by Adrian Cropley and Jefferson G. Pedersen, has revolutionized how individuals can set up their own stores selling its products. Visit their Facebook and Twitter for more about the brand.


TripUniq, the brainchild of Charles Elias and Álvaro Vélez, enriches the travel are a local expert personalizes each trip according to travellerrs’ preferences. Find more about them on Facebook and Twitter.

Flamme – The Couples App

Flamme, the couples app, is here to build stronger relationships. Founded by Ankit Nayal, Flamme aids couples in discovering their partners better and planning interesting dates. Learn more about Flamme on their LinkedIn page.


Melbot, an entertainment startup founded in 2017 by David Montero and Ivan Expósito, artfully combines the physical and digital worlds to create transmedia products. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Dot is a unique, undefined brand based in Barcelona. Get to know more about them on their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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