Boise Sporting Goods Giants: Spotlight on Idaho’s Industry Leaders

Within the thriving city of Boise, Idaho, nestled amongst the beauty of rugged mountains and the serenity of the Boise River, lies a hotspot of sporting goods companies. From pioneers in manufacturing to giants in retail, these Boise-based businesses continue to impress with their rich heritage, innovative strategies, and top-quality products. This article will explore these companies, delving deeper into their unique backgrounds, offerings, and contributions to the Sporting Goods industry.

Guided by the spirit of athleticism and adventure, these businesses mirror the vibrancy and strong athletic culture of Boise. Let’s venture further into their intriguing world, highlighting each company’s significance within the industry. It’s time to set the ball rolling and uncover the gems hidden in the heart of Boise, Idaho within the Sporting Goods industry.

Tactical Solutions

This renowned company, operating in the Manufacturing and Sporting Goods industry, has earned both local and global recognition for its commitments to quality and innovation. Visit their Facebook page, or follow them on Linkedin. Be sure to also keep updated with their latest developments on @Tacticalsol.


Eberlestock is a standout in the Consumer Goods, E-Commerce, and Sporting Goods industry, with a wide array of products and services for its customers. You can connect with them through their Facebook page or via Linkedin.

Primary Weapons Systems

A well-established name in the Manufacturing, Sales, and Sporting Goods industry is none other than Primary Weapons Systems. They can be contacted through their Facebook page, their Linkedin account, or on Twitter at @primaryweapons.

2A Armament

2A Armament excels in the Manufacturing and Sporting Goods industry, with a dedicated focus on machinery manufacturing. Get in touch with them via their Facebook page or @2aarmament on Twitter or through Linkedin.


Another industry titan is Maravia, specializing in Manufacturing, Product Design, Retail, and Sporting Goods. They can be contacted via their Facebook page.

Lucky Bums

Lucky Bums stands out in the E-Commerce, Sporting Goods, and Sports industry. You can connect with them via their Facebook page or @luckybums on Twitter.

Bandanna Running & Walking

Founded by Rich Harris, Bandanna Running & Walking has carved out a unique niche within the Shoes and Sporting Goods industry. Keep up to date with them on @bandannarunning on Twitter, on Facebook, or via Linkedin.

Salamander Paddle Gear

A business led by founder Shane Preston, Salamander Paddle Gear operates within the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Sporting Goods industry. For the latest updates, connect via their Facebook page or @SalamanderGear on Twitter, and on Linkedin.

Carl’s Cycle Sales

In the Retail, Sales, and Sporting Goods industry, Carl’s Cycle Sales is a force to be reckoned with, boasting an enriched tradition and expertise. Follow them via @carlscycle on Twitter, on Facebook, or Linkedin.

Nyce Cheer

Nyce Cheer, operating in the Fashion, Manufacturing, and Sporting Goods industry, brings finesse and allure to the field. To get in touch, visit their Facebook page.

Stockpile Defense

A heavyweight in the E-Commerce, Retail, and Sporting Goods industry, Stockpile Defense, has a captivating profile. Reach out to them via their @StockpileDefen1 on Twitter, Facebook page or their Linkedin account.

In conclusion, these companies thrive in holistic growth, par excellence operation, community impact, and ongoing product innovation. Their contributions to the fitness activity and sporting goods industry bring the zest of Boise, Idaho, to life, thereby indelibly shaping its identity. Furthermore, these companies continue to elevate the standards of the Sporting Goods industry, with no compromise on quality, service, or innovation. Boise, Idaho, indeed spells a city of winners, powered by these trailblazing companies that continue to reign supreme in their realms.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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