Exploring Groningen’s Impact on Global Sporting Goods Industry Innovations

Groningen, a unique city in the northernmost part of the Netherlands, happens to be home to an impressive range of companies in the sporting goods industry. Famed for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant student life, it’s also among the most active sports cities in the Netherlands. Let’s take a closer look at some of these companies, which has turned Groningen into a surprising hub for the sporting goods industry.

From leading sports clubs to innovative manufacturers of sporting equipment and medical devices that support physical therapy, the companies based in Groningen have made a significant impact on local and international sports scenes. They’ve managed to transform their passion for sports into successful businesses, contributing to the city’s economic growth and international reputation.

Notably, each of these companies has a unique story, diverse range of products, and a compelling vision for how to enhance the world of sports. Despite their differences, they are all united by their impressive commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

FC Groningen

As one of the most renowned Dutch football clubs, FC Groningen is much more than just a sports team. It engages millions of football fans worldwide and beyond the field, it operates in the sporting goods, news, and sports industry. Follow them on @fcgroningen, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest events and updates.

New Direction Tackle Ltd.

New Direction Tackle Ltd. specialises in manufacturing state-of-the-art fishing tackle. Intricately designed and meticulously tested, all their products promise uncompromised functionality and quality. Check out their Facebook profile and follow them on @newdirection01 to stay updated.

Viper Medical

Viper Medical is a leading supplier of medical appliances and health-related products. Their product mix ranges from sporting goods to child care and nutrition products. They have a vibrant presence on @twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


As an international retailer specialising in rare and high-quality tennis equipment, Prostocktennis caters to both professional athletes and amateur enthusiasts. Stay connected with them on Facebook.


TravelProShop brings together sporting goods and the love for travel, offering customers a curated selection of top-quality products. Get updates about their latest offers on their Facebook page.

Calor Sport

Calor Sport specialises in manufacturing sports and fitness equipment, combining traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing techniques. You can connect with them on @CalorSport, Facebook or LinkedIn.


WASPcam is all about capturing adventures. This action-sport camera company focuses on providing high-performance, user-friendly, and affordable equipment for professionals and hobbyists alike. Stay updated with them on Facebook and @waspcamshop, or check their LinkedIn profile. is a dependable online sporting goods store for every tennis enthusiast. From recreational players to seasoned professionals, it caters to the needs of all. Check their updates on their Facebook page and follow @powertennisnl on Twitter.

Specialising in racket sales, is a trusted name in the industry, offering a broad range of racket and sporting goods.


Haakhockey is a sought-after e-commerce website among hockey enthusiasts, delivering a diverse range of hockey equipment. Follow them on Facebook for regular updates.


Heusinkveld stands at the intersection of engineering, automotive, and e-commerce. A seasoned manufacturer of a range of automotive and sporting goods, their dedication to quality craftsmanship has made them a respected name in the industry. You can stay connected with them on @HeusinkveldEng, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Groningen’s sporting goods scene reflects the city’s love for sports and active lifestyle. Each of these unique companies contributes to the vibrant and dynamic character of Groningen, further cementing its position as a leading sports city in the Netherlands.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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