Burbank’s Lifestyle Giants Amplify The Californian Sports World

Our attention today is drawn to Burbank, California, and we spotlight companies at the heart of an industry that ranges from fitness to finance and encompasses everything in between— the lifestyle industry. Each one focuses on different aspects of our everyday lives, whether that’s gaming, precious metals investments, or functionalising fast food packaging. All stationed in sunny Burbank, California, these enterprises embody innovation and flair in their niches. Read on to learn more about these change-makers who contribute to shaping our lifestyle.

Mythical Entertainment

Founded by comedic best friends Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, Mythical Entertainment is a beloved collective popular for their comedic, Internet-friendly approach to media. From gaming to lifestyle and media entertainment, they pride themselves on their direct-to-fan content, which has garnered almost 5 billion views across the Internet! Their love for creating and camaraderie shines through every endeavor. Follow them on LinkedIn to keep up with their joyful ventures.

Birch Gold Group

Started in 2003 by Laith Alsarraf, the Birch Gold Group has become a leading dealer of physical precious metals in the nation. Besides the sale of precious metals for private ownership, they also offer options to transfer funds from existing IRA or eligible 401(k) into a Precious Metals IRA. Birch Gold Group operates from the standpoint of educating customers about precious metals and providing them with the best information for their future financial decisions. You can find them on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Bradley Farrell and Jennifer Stitz founded Stitzii to provide a solution to the massive wastage problem from fast food packaging. The innovative company designs liners that prevent food packaging contamination and boosts its recyclability after it serves its purpose. Getting socially conscious with your fast food just got easier thanks to Stitzii! Find them on Facebook.

Body Bombshell Fitness

Body Bombshell Fitness, founeded by Jaime Rutt, introduces a refreshing touch to the fitness world with a blend of Pilates, dance-inspired cardio, and meditation. More than just a workout space, it’s an online community where women can engage, share experiences, and draw motivation. For a confidence-boosting workout anytime, anywhere, check out Body Bombshell Fitness on their Facebook page.

Gina Alexander Design

Marrying fashion and personalization, Gina Alexander Design produces handbags and accessories that can be adorned with your personal photos, making the product truly unique to its owner. These treasured accessories add a bespoke touch to everyday outings and expressions of style. Stay updated with their creative endeavous on Facebook.

rA Organic Spa

Established in 2006 by Chris Haas, rA Organic Spa offers a range of natural treatments and massages to promote health and relaxation. From skincare to baths to the sale of organic body care products, their approach to wellness provides a treat for body and soul. Discover more about their services on their Facebook page.


Created by David Lawrence, VO2GoGo is a hub for people looking to learn and improve their voice-over skills. Offering courses and resources, it’s a trusted place to kickstart or enhance your career in the voice-over industry. Learn more on their LinkedIn page.

Emblem Apparel

Leading the trend for men and women in Los Angeles, Emblem Apparel offers contemporary fashion wear with the convenience of online shopping. Their promise of free shipping is an added bonus! Keep up with the latest styles on their Facebook page.

To wrap up, Burbank, California, isn’t just known for its lovely weather and Hollywood connections. The bustling city is also home to an array of lifestyle companies, each making their mark in their respective fields. Promoting everything from sustainable fast food packaging to personalized fashion, these companies are the embodiment of living life in style and in harmony with our values.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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