Santa Barbara’s Quintessential Lifestyle Brands Elevate California’s Sports Industry

Santa Barbara, California, serves as a hub of vibrant innovation and creativity, especially in the Lifestyle industry. Spanning the realms of Consumer Goods, Furniture, E-Commerce, Health and Fitness, Retail and more, these companies have all carved out a name for themselves for their unique offerings and commitment to excellence. Here we celebrate some of the notable Lifestyle industry companies that proudly call Santa Barbara home.

Santa Barbara’s picturesque setting, where the azure Pacific meets expansive wine country and sun-drenched beaches, has long attracted entrepreneurs from a wide array of industries. This city has become a playground for innovators in the Lifestyle industry who are at the forefront of revolutionizing how we shop, maintain our health, furnish our homes, stay secure, and generally improve our day-to-day lives.

Get to know more about these Santa Barbara-based Lifestyle industry gems. Each has a unique story to tell, and unique products or services to offer, contributing to the city’s distinctive business landscape.


In the realm of consumer goods and sustainability, founders David Silverander and Sky Gilbar created Hitch as a solution to help us carry our daily essentials in a simple and sustainable manner. Their storage products feature a stainless steel water bottle with a detachable coffee cup. With this innovatively-made product, carrying drinks conveniently anywhere has never been this easy. Follow Hitch on Facebook, Twitter or connect on LinkedIn.


CLIQ is all about maximizing functionality and versatility. They are famous for their bottle-sized chairs which can be easily carried and set up anywhere. Whether you’re camping, fishing, or at an outdoor music festival, a CLIQ chair is your perfect companion. Connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded by David H. Walker alongside Erin Boone, Xwalker takes shopping to a whole new level. The mobile payments and shopping search engine enables users to find the best local boutique sales. These tech innovators bring local retailing right to your fingertips. Catch them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Digifit ventures into the field of fitness and lifestyle with smart technology-based applications aimed to promote and realise a healthier and more active lifestyle for people. They innovate to make fitness and health more fun and accessible. Keep in touch with Digifit through their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter.


FluidStance was brought to life by Joel Heath in 2015 with an aim to infuse movement in working environments. Their decks and accessories not only increase heart rate and range of motion but also elevate joy at work. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and

Plum Goods Store

A staple in the Santa Barbara community, the Plum Goods Store is home to a wide array of eclectic and thoughtful lifestyle goods and gifts. Follow their unique offerings on Facebook.

Seacoast Yachts

Seacoast Yachts caters to the coastal California lifestyle with a wide selection of quality boats. Whether it’s for leisure or luxury, they’ve got a boat just for you. Stay updated with them on Facebook.

Shiva Media

Shiva Media offers a comprehensive suite of app creation tools under AppWerks. This proprietary software allows businesses and individuals to channel their creativity into application development without the need for coding experience.


SecurePRO specialises in the installation of home audio and video systems, home automation, and security systems. They provide custom solutions to mitigate potential threats and reduce risk. To know more about SecurePRO’s services, you can visit their Facebook page or connect on LinkedIn.

La Cumbre Plaza

Blending high-end retailers with unique local boutiques, La Cumbre Plaza is a prime spot for shoppers in Santa Barbara. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest deals and events.


Mortberry, founded by William Harrow, is leaving a mark in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Their unique designs convey a strong sense of personality and style. Follow their fashion journey on Facebook.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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