Spotlight on Bangkok’s Top Lifestyle Sports Companies: Unveiling Thai Triumphs

As the hub of technological innovation, Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand is home to several lifestyle companies that are thriving in a vibrant business ecosystem. These companies are leading the way in industries such as e-commerce, fashion, lifestyle, and many more. With young affluent consumers searching for unique products and experiences, these companies are leveraging technology and online platforms to meet the evolving customer needs and expectations.

From bedding products to customized shopping experiences, these companies are revolutionizing the way consumers think about and interact with lifestyle brands. Furthermore, these companies are not just serving local markets. Equipped with a deep understanding of Asian consumers, creative marketing strategies, and cutting-edge technologies, these are the Thai businesses that are taking the world by storm. We delve into some of these organizations to understand their background, what makes them successful, and their future growth prospects.

Throughout the series, we will add more profiles of companies that demonstrate inspiring innovation, commitment to local culture, and prove that Thailand is a leader in lifestyle industries. Let’s get started with the first set:


QueQ, a multi-award-winning mobile application, revolutionizes the way consumers wait in queues. Co-founded by dynamic entrepreneur Rungsun Promprasith, QueQ drastically reduces waiting times by allowing users to save a spot in any queue digitally, whether it’s at a restaurant, bank, public service, or even a famous street food vendor. Connect with QueQ on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Lunio Sleep

Lunio Sleep, led by founder Wiphop Fong, disrupts the bedding industry by delivering premium mattresses directly to consumers. The firm prides itself in providing high-quality, made in Thailand mattresses, using a direct-to-consumer model that cuts out the middleman, consequently, offering an ultra-premium product at a reasonable price. Connect with Lunio Sleep on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Pacifica Group specializes in offering top-notch international brands spanning accessories, footwear, ready-to-wear, cosmetics, and skincare categories. Connect with Pacifica on Facebook.

Do Day Dream

Do Day Dream, a purveyor of various consumer goods, is recognized for its innovative skin care products that are designed to support all skin types and promote natural beauty. They undertake the production, research and development, marketing, and distribution with utmost skill and efficiency. Connect with Do Day Dream on LinkedIn.


Operating in the lifestyle and manufacturing industry, Thanulux’s rich history can be traced on the company’s Facebook page.

Star Fashion

Established in 1984, Star Fashion Group is a retail pioneer with over 30 international brand distributionships. The company currently boasts over 500 self-operated point of sales across Thailand. You can find out more on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Ponwarinn Pobponphat, NATBAY is a premium fashion and lifestyle e-commerce platform that offers a bespoke shopping experience to fashion lovers in Southeast Asia. Connect with NATBAY on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Synergia One

Founded by entrepreneur Fred Mouawad, Synergia One Group is a diversified group of companies that creates value for all its business units through synergies in their management systems and team members.

Doodern offers a unique and enriched online shopping experience, with a wide assortment of lifestyle, fashion, handmade, raw material, and designer products for everyone. You can connect with Doodern on Facebook or Twitter.

People’s Garment

People’s Garment epitomizes Thai fashion and lifestyle manufacturing. Their remarkable story can be found on Facebook.


Committed to enhancing your online shopping experience, Shopping IS excels at providing carefully selected fashion and lifestyle products. Get in touch with Shopping IS through Facebook or Twitter.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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