Calgary’s Premier Lifestyle Companies Making Strides in Sport Sector

The glamorous world of lifestyle industry is more exciting than ever, thanks to a growing number of trend-setting businesses setting their roots in Calgary, Alberta. From fashion to finance, digital healthcare to adventure travel, Calgary is home to many pioneering companies rising on the global stage. In this article, we explore some of the standout names that are not just creating waves within their respective industries, but are also contributing to Calgary’s reputation as a thriving hub for innovation and creativity.

Calgary’s dynamic business scene is powered by companies that combine ambition, innovation and a hearty dose of resourcefulness. They have leveraged the city’s strategic location, robust infrastructure, and skilled workforce to make their mark in their respective industries and beyond. This melting pot of talent and resources has resulted in a vibrant ecosystem that is designed for success.

In this article, you’ll get to know some of the key players in the lifestyle industry that call Calgary home. We’ll offer you an inside peak into their vision, ethos and operations which make them dynamic contributors to this vibrant scene.

G-Tech Apparel

Voicing the prestige of Calgary’s innovation landscape, G-Tech Apparel was founded by sport enthusiasts Jesse Galvon and Johnny Forzani with the vision of developing apparel that perfectly merges fashion and function. With same pursuit, their company creates a range of clothing designed to keep athletes warm in colder climates. More information on G-Tech Apparel can be found on their Facebook and @gtechapparel Twitter handle.

Gray Hawk Investment Strategies

Under the stewardship of Michael Kaumeyer, Gray Hawk Investment Strategies has emerged as a leading light in Calgary’s financial sphere. The firm specializes in helping individuals bring their vision to life, enabling their wealth to fuel their happiness. Their strategic approach to wealth management has cemented their status as a leading player in Calgary’s lifestyle and finance industry. Visit their LinkedIn page for more insights into their investment philosophy.

La Senza Corporation

As one of the most recognized names in the realm of e-commerce, fashion and lingerie, La Senza Corporation serves as a bastion to Calgary’s economic vitality. Founded by Irv Teitelbaum and Stephen Gross, La Senza remains at the pinnacle of the lingerie business, operating stores throughout Canada, even after their administration in 2012. Reach them on their LinkedIn page, @lasenza on Twitter or join their Facebook community.


The health tech start-up, LyfeMD has created a revolutionary platform that promotes a holistic approach to digestive health management. Their app-based solution is creating a new path in the healthcare industry by offering an easy-to-implement, comprehensive plan for managing inflammatory diseases. Connect with LyfeMD on LinkedIn, @lyfemd on Twitter and their Facebook page.


Less 17 is successfully carving a niche for itself in the competitive fashion, lifestyle and retail industry. Working with an imaginative and ground-breaking approach, they continually provide quality products and services. Engage with them on their LinkedIn page, @lessoneseven on Twitter or join their fan base on Facebook.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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