Detroit-Based Lifestyle Brands Revolutionizing Quins On And Off The Field

Detroit, Michigan, the heart of the United States automotive industry and also known as the Motor City, is home to a diverse and thriving lifestyle industry. From tech companies to fashion retailers, the city is buzzing with innovative enterprises. In our latest series for the “Quins” magazine, we highlight companies headquartered in Detroit that contribute significantly to the lifestyle industry.

In Detroit, the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, with companies in a variety of sectors proving that the city is about more than just cars. These firms, which range from delivery to retail, from health care to news and social media, are changing the landscape of the city, providing jobs, and driving growth.

In this article, we will delve into some of these organizations, their founders, and the influences they have had on Detroit and beyond. Let’s meet these lifestyle sector leaders.


Founded by Justin Mast, Bloomscape is set on revolutionizing the plant buying experience. They offer a range of home ready plants and care tools for delivering them directly at customers’ doors. Navigating through the realm of delivery, e-commerce, retail, home, and garden, Bloomscape is shaping the way we embrace green living within our homes.

American Mountain Co

American Mountain Co is an erudite synthesis of classic style and optimum performance. Crafted by Chad Caudill, American Mountain Co’s fine mountain wear is a testament to their unwavering obsession with quality and design. Utilizing a blend of fashion, lifestyle, and wearable tech, they ensure that they never compromise on functionality and style.


Knitting together the disparate knots of file sharing, lifestyle, local news, social media, and sports, Glocal is an online platform that empowers users to share and consume local content. Courtesy of founder Lincoln Cavalieri, Glocal is transforming how we engage with local lifestyle happenings and updates.

Happy Howie’s

Situated in the heart of Detroit, Happy Howie’s is creating man’s best friend’s favorite treats. This all-natural dog treats manufacturer has not just become an important player in the food and beverage and lifestyle industry, but also a key contributor in Detroit’s revitalization efforts.

MGM Grand Detroit

MGM Grand Detroit, an integral part of the leisure and lifestyle industry in the city, exemplifies the vibrant side of Detroit. With a commitment to creating unforgettable experiences, MGM Grand Detroit is a byword for entertainment in Detroit.

Secure Beginnings

Based in Detroit, Secure Beginnings, llc is reinventing crib mattresses to ensure a safer and more sanitary environment for babies. Their product, the Heaven Sent Mattress, encapsulates their commitment to delivering better sleep to babies, manufactured within the USA and poised with an earth-friendly approach.

Detroit Denim

Detroit Denim, founded by Eric Yelsma, is on a mission to bear the classic spirit of Detroit. Combining manufacturing and lifestyle, Detroit Denim has made a name for itself in the industry with their diligent focus on crafting high-quality selvedge denim jeans and leather products.

Jack Detroit

Jack Detroit, with its roots deep in the fashion and lifestyle industry, is another shining star in Detroit’s lifestyle sector. Putting forth the character of Detroit through their unique creations, Jack Detroit is paving its path in the industry.

Click Reign Internet Media

Click Reign Internet Media is taking strides in the e-commerce, internet, and lifestyle industry in Detroit. With innovative approaches to internet solutions, Click Reign Internet Media is shaping the future of the digital realm.

Brazen Sports

Brazen Sports, operating within the fitness, lifestyle, sports, and wellness industry, is an important advocate for a healthy and active lifestyle in Detroit. Their contribution to the city’s health culture is noteworthy.


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Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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