Concord, NC: Hub of Pioneering Companies in American Racing Industry


Home to a rich motor racing history, Concord, North Carolina, hosts a myriad of companies dedicated to the advanced and thrilling industry of racing. This article aims to shine a spotlight on these companies, all of which contribute to the breathtaking atmosphere of high-speed excitement that defines the city of Concord. From brake manufacturers to racing associations, let’s take a closer look at some of the racing industry leaders headquartered in Concord.

Most of these companies not only engage in the manufacturing and distribution of racing-related products, but they also provide technical support and event management to further the development of the sport. They ensure that the components used in each race and the management of these adrenaline-fuelled events are of the highest quality.

Here are some of the companies which have stamped their mark on the racing industry right from the heart of Concord, North Carolina. Dive into the unique bios of these companies, and explore their contribution to the racing industry.

Carbotech Performance Brakes

Recognized for their innovative brake pad proposals, Carbotech Performance Brakes serve in both domestic and racing environments. They manufacture brake pads that employ the use of ceramic kevlar, kevlar, and carbon. Their brake pads offer phenomenal modulation capabilities, consistent torque management, and brake dust that is non-corrosive. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages, or follow them on Twitter to stay updated.

Lionel Racing

Lionel Racing is another major player in Concord’s racing industry. For more updates about their operations, follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

World Racing Group

Specializing in event management and promotion, World Racing Group is a leading company that hosts and promotes various racing events. Connect with them on LinkedIn for more updates.


zMAX, another thriving business in the racing industry headquartered in Concord, offers automotive products and racing essentials. Keep a tab on their updates via their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn profiles.

Jerico Performance Products

Serving the automotive and racing sectors, Jerico Performance Products stands tall in the Concord racing scene. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter for the latest updates.

The Joie of Seating

The Joie of Seating is known for its superior crafting and sale of racing-car seats. Stay informed with their latest news on their Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Mario Andretti Racing Experience

Offering a thrilling journey into the world of racing, Mario Andretti Racing Experience adds another dimension to Concord’s racing industry. Join their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages for more exciting details.

World Karting Association

Providing opportunities for karting enthusiasts, the World Karting Association is a nonprofit that contributes to Concord’s vibrant racing sector. Keep in touch with them on Facebook and Twitter for the latest community news.

World of Outlaws

World of Outlaws provides a variety of thrilling racing series and offers several ways for race enthusiasts to connect with them, including through their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts.


Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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