Exploring London’s Top Cycling Companies: A Vibrant UK Industry Spotlight

Welcome to the next installment of our series in Quins Magazine, where we look at companies operating within various industries. Today, we dive deep into the cycling industry—a domain that is thriving and diversifying in this eco-conscious era. Notably, all the companies we will cover in this article are housed right here in London, the vibrant capital of England.

Given the need for convenient, eco-friendly, and health-beneficial modes of transport, the cycling industry is an area of interest for many enthusiasts as well as environmentalists. Moreover, factoring in the waste and pollution generated by most industries, some businesses in this sector have taken up the mantle to find solutions. Recycling, a popular, ethical and eco-friendly strategy, is being employed by several companies we explore today.

Read on to get a glimpse of what some of these London-based cycling and recycling companies are doing to change industry paradigms.


Beryl operates in the automotive, hardware, and recycling sectors of the industry. The company’s founders, Emily Brooke and Philip Ellis, originated it in 2012 with the objective of building a better world by getting more people on bikes. Beryl offers its micromobility operating system to leading transport operators, such as London’s Santander Cycles. In addition to operating their own bike, e-bike, and e-scooter systems, Beryl has formed strategic partnerships to further broadcast its technology and platform. You can find them on Twitter @weareberyl, on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Plastic Energy

Plastic Energy, founded by Carlos Monreal, offers a global and sustainable solution to prevent plastic pollution by transforming unrecyclable plastic waste into a valuable resource. Looking for them online? Check their Twitter or LinkedIn.

Worn Again Technologies

Mainly focusing on the plastics and rubber manufacturing, recycling, and textiles industry, Worn Again Technologies, was brought to life by Founder Cyndi Rhoades. The idea was to develop a unique textile-to-textile recycling technology to enable the reintroduction of old textiles as new into the supply chain. Follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Greyparrot, a venture of the Founders Ambarish Mitra, Marco Paladini, Mikela Druckman, Nikola Sivacki is hailed as the leading AI waste analytics platform for the circular economy. With cutting edge AI computer vision systems, deployed globally, Greyparrot aims to digitise the $1.6 trillion waste management industry. Stalk them on @greyparrotai Twitter or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Alex Caccia and Christoph Wilfert, MUOV is a pioneering sports tech business closely aligned to the cycling, fitness and sporting goods industry. Their mission revolves around crafting the best indoor cycling experience for athletes. Find them as @Muoverti on Twitter, on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Romco, started by Founder Raymond Onovwigun, operate in the industrial, manufacturing, precious metals, and recycling industry. Established with a focus on sustainability, Romco is building a systematic, scalable model that thrives on reducing the environmental impact of primary production and raw materials mining. The company’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages are available for more updates.


Swedish Fall is an activewear brand initiated by Jonas Detlefsen, Lara Stallbaum, Marius Krüger, and Silja Stallbaum, seeking to make fashion recycling convenient while promoting a sustainable future of fashion. The brand’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages provide further information.

First Mile

First Mile, started by Bruce Bratley, provides super-simple, low coast recycling and waste services for businesses. For more updates, take a look at their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Founded by Paolo Casula, Shopperbird operates within the fashion, mobile apps, recycling, and waste management fields. You can find out more by visiting their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

BIG Atom

BIG Atom, initiated by Founders Alexander Guslisty and Toby Moss, focuses on recycling, striving to bring an end to polymer waste by reverse manufacturing all types of rubbers and plastics into recycled crude. To follow them, check their Facebook or LinkedIn.


Our final highlight, Globechain, was founded by May Al-Karooni. The company serves as an online reuse platform that connects businesses, charities, and people to enable them to reuse unwanted items within a global supply chain network, creating a waste audit and social impact value for members. Find them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

From delivering innovative recycling solutions to pioneering advancements in the cycling industry, these London-based companies are driving change and are key players in their respective domains. As a follower of the sports industry, especially cycling, we hope you found this round-up informative and inspiring.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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