Amsterdam’s Pioneering Role in the Global Cycling Industry Spotlight

Amsterdam, located in the heart of Noord-Holland province in The Netherlands, is a vibrant hotspot for technology and innovation. Known for its rich history, its canals, and its vast and diverse cycling culture, Amsterdam has become a hub for companies across various industries. One of these industries that has uniquely blended with Amsterdam’s culture is the cycling industry which boasts of innovative companies generating solutions for a sustainable future. But it’s not just about bicycles; companies in this industry are leveraging technology and sustainable practices to bring about a positive change. This article takes a look at some of these companies based in Amsterdam, all contributing to a more sustainable and innovative future in their own way.

In particular, we focus on a group of organizations that are carving their own paths in recycling, waste management, cycling, and technological innovation. Each of these companies is contributing to the broader industry in their own unique way, whether it be upcycling waste for new products, providing novel cycling solutions for city dwellers, or creating advanced, user-friendly software. We invite you to explore the thriving industries of cycling and sustainability in Amsterdam and meet the organizations that are making a difference.

These companies are pushing new frontiers and challenging the status quo. They are driven by a common passion – to create sustainable, tech-driven solutions that meet the unique demands of today’s consumers. Despite the diverse markets they operate in, they all share a commitment to deliver innovative products and services of the highest quality. Discover more about these amazing companies below.


Founded by Joost Kamermans and Jorn Eiting van Liempt, Seenons is a technology company that provides smart IT solutions for circular waste management. Their app-based platform connects all participants in the waste chain, from separation organizations to logistics companies and processors that convert waste into valuable raw materials. Follow their journey on LinkedIn.


Susphos is an innovative company led by founder Marissa de Boer. They specialize in upcycling phosphate-rich waste streams to produce alternatives for fossil-sourced products, thereby promoting waste reuse. Keep up with their latest developments on their LinkedIn page or follow them on Twitter.


Swapfiets, co-founded by Dirk De Bruijn, Martijn Obers, and Richard Burger, provides a full-service bicycle subscription in more than 60 cities across 9 countries. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter.


Established by Floris Gerritsen, Jeroen Glansdorp, Nigel Visser, and Wessel van der Woude, Veridis is paving the way in the recycling industry. Find out more about Veridis on their LinkedIn.


Urbee, co-founded by Fleur Schraven and Taco Anema, offers electric bikes as a cost-efficient and environment-friendly solution for urban transportation in Amsterdam. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Magic Lane

Magic Lane, co-created by Job van Dijk, Johan Lanen, and Raymond Alves, aims to revolutionize Maps, Locations & Navigation services through its software solutions. Keep up with their advancements on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Stone Cycling

StoneCycling is a company that saw a need and an opportunity to create a new type of building material from waste. They focus on quality structures without compromising aesthetic appeal. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Rob van den Dool, Yumeko specialises in e-commerce, organic, recycling, retail, sustainability, and textiles. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Run by Michiel Vos, CocoPallet specialises in manufacturing productivity tools and recycling. Catch up with CocoPallet on Twitter


Founded by Jasper Stas, Stasdock specialises in cycling, product design, retail, and sales. Stay updated with their news on Twitter and Facebook.


Operating in the sports and outdoor mobile application space, JOIN provides ML training plans to cyclists based on their goals, availability, and training history. Find out more about them on their LinkedIn page.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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