Spain’s Pulse: Barcelona-Based Businesses Elevating the Cycling Industry

Welcome to another edition of our ongoing series celebrating companies making their mark in the burgeoning world of cycling. This time, we’re taking you on a tour of Barcelona, Catalonia, a hub of innovation and creativity in Spain. From stylish eco-friendly apparel to recovering value from electronic waste, these companies are pushing the envelope and riding towards a more sustainable and healthier future. Hop on your saddle and explore with us.

Brava Fabrics

Brava Fabrics is a dynamic apparel brand making waves in the world of sustainable fashion, thanks to the dedication of founders Ivan Monells Costa and Ramón Barbero. Their offerings of eco-friendly men’s and women’s clothing are fashioned from a selection of natural fibers, renewable resources, and recycled materials. Get to know them better via their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profiles.


Meet the innovators from SantaFixie, led by Juan Pablo Alberca Lucas and Xavier Claveria Masip, creating a buzz in the world of urban cycling. Established in 2011, this online marketplace is dedicated to selling fixie bicycles and accessories, with a focus on sustainability and urban style. Connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Santafixie Group

Also from the mind of Xavier Claveria Masip, the Santafixie Group was one of the first online shops in Europe specializing in fixie bikes and gear for urban cyclists. Their inspiration came from the colourful fixed-gear bikes seen crossing the streets of East London. Find out more on their LinkedIn page.


Oimo, the trailblazing startup set on ending plastic pollution, is giving the industry alternatives to single-use plastics. Their green initiatives span across multiple industries. Learn more about them through their Facebook and LinkedIn channels.

Moma Bikes

Moma Bikes is a key player in the cycling industry, offering a range of bikes that span from traditional to electric models. Explore their selection and connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Spearheaded by Jordi Bonareu, Hallotex is defining the intersection of textiles and recycling. The company is creating innovative solutions in the world of fabric manufacturing. Get involved and follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

ACS Recycling

ACS Recycling is a standout company in the environmental services sector, with a focus on managing Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Discover more about their work and connect with them on LinkedIn.

King Barcelona

Meet King Barcelona, a vibrant team with a passion for cycling. Operating across the European continent, they offer a variety of services and products for biking enthusiasts. Discover more about them on their website.


Founded by Ramon Pujol Serra, Yesweplay is revolutionising the world of soccer and sports with its Web, Android, and iPhone application. Using geolocation tools, users can join or create their own sports events. Explore their offerings and connect via their Facebook and Twitter pages.

IBP index

The IBP index is a widely used tool for analyzing bike, running, and trekking trails. Connect with them on Facebook and on LinkedIn.


N+1 CYCLING is a must visit for cycling and sporting goods. Learn more about them on their Twitter and Facebook.
You can also connect with them through their LinkedIn.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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