Exploring Rio’s Lifestyle Brands Impacting Global Sports and Fitness Scene

From vibrant fashion brands to pioneering e-commerce platforms, a new generation of lifestyle companies are contributing to the dynamic energy that makes Rio de Janeiro one of South America’s leading centres of creativity and commerce. Here, we turn the spotlight on some of the cutting-edge firms that are making significant inroads into the world of retail, internet sales and lifestyle choices for consumers not only in Brazil, but internationally.

The following companies are building on Brazil’s long-standing reputation for style and ingenuity, ushering in a fresh era of creativity and entrepreneurship in this bustling coastal city. From a company specializing in pet products to a renowned online retailer, these ten companies serve as a testament to the thriving lifestyle sector in Rio de Janeiro.

Whether you’re a passionate entrepreneur, an investor or simply a curious reader, get ready to be inspired by these industrious and innovative lifestyle companies from the heart of Brazil.


Founded by Felipe Diz, Rodrigo Monteiro, and Thadeu Diz, Zee.Dog is an e-commerce lifestyle brand that aims to bridge the gap between dogs and people by offering premium, design-oriented pet products. From leashes and collars to bandanas and poop bags, this brand has got everything it takes to keep your pets feeling loved and looking good. With a strong online presence and stores in diverse locations such as South America, North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia, they are definitely making a global impact. Follow their journey on their social media platforms – Twitter @zee_dog, Facebook Zee.Dog, and Linkedin Zee.Dog.


Co-founded by Marcelo Ballona, Submarino is an online seller of Spanish and Portuguese language books, CDs, and toys. With a huge online presence and an impressive range of products, this one-stop-shop is fast becoming the first choice for shoppers. To see what’s new with them, check out their Twitter handle @submarino and Facebook page Submarino.

Grupo Soma

Grupo Soma is making waves in the e-commerce, Fashion, Lifestyle, and Retail industry. Based in Rio De Janeiro, this lifestyle brand is one to watch out for. Stay updated with their latest ventures through their Facebook Page Grupo Soma and their Linkedin Grupo Soma.


Spearheaded by Carlos Andre Montenegro and Marcelo Franco, Sack’s is a premier online retailer of fragrances, cosmetics, and toiletries in Brazil. With over 25 years in the industry, they successfully transitioned to the e-commerce world in 2000 and made a significant impact which led to their acquisition by LVMH in 2010.

Loja Tres

Loja Tres is a known figure in the e-commerce, fashion, lifestyle, lingerie, and retail industry. Follow their journey and check their latest offerings through their Facebook page Loja Tres and Linkedin Loja Tres.


Cantão is another e-commerce brand in the fashion and lifestyle industry that’s making a name for itself. Stay updated with them through their Facebook page Cantão and Linkedin Cantão.


Launched in 2011, Wooh! is a group buying website that offers products specifically for children and adolescents. To see what’s the latest from them, follow their Twitter handle @woohbrasil and Facebook page Wooh!Brasil.


Known in the e-commerce, lifestyle, and textbook industry, Cicero is a name to remember. Stay updated and follow them at Twitter @ciceropapelaria, Facebook Cicero Papelaria, and Linkedin Cicero Papelaria.


A name that resonates in the e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle industry, PescaSub is another innovation from Rio. Make sure to check their Facebook page PescaSubBr for updates.


Founded in 2012, Desapega is a virtual store that sells branded used clothes. To stay in the loop, follow them on Twitter @desapegame and Facebook Desapegame.


Last but not least, Liv+ is a growing brand specializing in lifestyle and personal health. They are all about providing practical alternatives for improving well-being without compromising professional and personal commitments. Stay up-to-date with Liv+ through their Facebook page Livmais.

All of these brands use their unique perspectives and innovative approaches to positively impact the lifestyle industry. By embracing digital strategies, these companies have not only expanded their reach but also transformed the way we shop, interact, and live.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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