Highlighting Saint Paul’s Premier Lifestyle Companies in Sports Sector

Known for its thriving community and vibrant lifestyle, Saint Paul, Minnesota is home to a diverse range of lifestyle companies. This article places the spotlight on these entities, their founders, what they have to offer, and where to find them. Get to know these decorated companies and explore the makeup of the virtuous Minnesota lifestyle scene.

Among the cornucopia of businesses thriving in Saint Paul, we focus on the standout players in industries ranging from fashion and sports, to health care and e-commerce. Each brings something unique to the table, demonstrating both the diversity and innovation inherent in this city’s dynamic business landscape.

In an effort to familiarize our readers with these impressive forces, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to these notable businesses. Read on to explore the companies leading the charge in creating a vibrant lifestyle scene in St. Paul.

The Sportsman’s Guide

Founded in the winter of 1970 by outdoorsman Gary Olen, The Sportsman’s Guide has made its name by offering discount-priced gear and clothing to hunters from their 591,000 square foot warehouse in South St. Paul. You can follow the company on Twitter and Facebook.

Patterson Dental

A multi-faceted force in the dental, lifestyle and medical device industry was co-founded by Robert Czerwonka. Keep up with the company’s updates on their LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Bush Foundation

In the intersection of communities, association, and lifestyle, is the Bush Foundation. They are active on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Kennedy Blue

With a focus on e-commerce, fashion, and lifestyle, Kennedy Blue is one of St. Paul’s thriving businesses.


Founded in 2009 by Adrian Coulter, Xlfeet provides an online platform for men with larger feet to find and buy footwear from boots to socks. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Stephanie Harms

Check out Stephanie Harms for a great selection of fidgets and sensory toys for kids and adults. She is active on Twitter and Facebook.

Tula Yoga & Wellness

In the realm of fitness, education, and healthcare, we find Tula Yoga & Wellness. Follow their journey on Twitter and Facebook.

Lobera Cigars

Founded in 2012, Lobera Cigars is dedicated to providing high quality, hand-rolled cigars while building long-lasting relationships with their customers.

Townsend Barber Institute

A presence in the beauty, consulting, and lifestyle industry is the Townsend Barber Institute. You can follow them on Facebook.

Savvy Wigs

Savvy Wigs is active in the e-commerce, fashion, lifestyle, and sales industry. Check out their social media presence on Twitter and Facebook

Georgia Digest

Last but certainly not least, rounding off our list is Georgia Digest that is active in the fashion, healthcare, lifestyle, and news sectors. Follow their journey on Twitter and Facebook.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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