Exploring Top Reykjavík-Based Fitness Industry Innovators in Gullbringusysla, Iceland

Reykjavík, the buzzing heart of Iceland, and the Gullbringusysla region have firmly entrenched themselves as endearing hotspots for the flourishing fitness industry. With more and more individuals taking control of their personal fitness journeys, inspired by the ethos of living a healthy and active life, the need for various tools and equipment to assist in this pursuit has increased tremendously. Consequently, a number of companies fitting into this category are making their base in this vibrant Icelandic location. In this article, we journey into the wide-ranging contributions of some of these companies and why they choose to call Reykjavík and Gullbringusysla their home.

Look beyond the picturesque landscapes and spirited lifestyle of Reykjavík, and you’ll see a robust fitness culture shaping the heart of the striving businesses featured here. This selection of companies not only marries the love for fitness with ground-breaking technological innovation but also showcases the diversity within the fitness industry in Iceland. From orthotic and prosthetic devices to heart rate analytics and virtual reality-enhanced meditation programs, these Iceland-based companies are defining the future of fitness.

What’s also fascinating is the companies’ drive to cater to individual differences and personal fitness goals. By investing in extensive research and development, leveraging cutting edge technology, and focusing on personalised solutions for end-users, these companies are playing an instrumental role in making the fitness journey enjoyable and fruitful for fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, and the average gym-goer.


Ossur, co-founded by Ossur Kristinsson, is a global leader in orthotic and prosthetic devices. They invest an industry record of 6-8% of their revenue in research and development. With a mission to offer people a life without limitations, Ossur has established an extensive presence in the U.S, Canada, the Nordic region, and Europe. They also have an impressive distribution network in various other markets.Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.


Driftline provides a unique tool to measure endurance based on heart rate data from any type of activity. This offers a new and effective tool for fitness enthusiasts and athletes to track and improve their performance.Facebook, LinkedIn.


Flow, co-founded by Bala Kamallakharan, Thóra Björk Elvarsdóttir, and Tristan Gribbin, is at the forefront of using technology in wellness. They develop immersive virtual reality-enhanced meditation programs to promote mental wellbeing in conjunction with physical health.Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Jónas Pétur Ólason and Karl Daði Lúðvíksson, Genova provides preventive measures based on intelligence while you train. With the innovative design to monitor angles of the knee joint, Genova aims to help clients improve movement with biofeedback.

Silverberg Technologies

Founded in 2013 by Asbjorn Sigurjónsson, Thorsteinn Nielsen, and Valgeir Erlendsson, Silverberg Technologies offers tech-oriented solutions for the fitness industry. Their goal is to inspire people to live healthily and successfully by using technology to track and log progress efficiently. Facebook, LinkedIn.


LÝSI, is an established player in the wellness sector, offering their services to support the fitness journeys of their clientele. Their potent testimonials bear witness to a track of sustained excellence. Facebook, LinkedIn.


Fashioned as a family-owned company, Fitness, specializes in import and sale of sporting goods. The essence of their business model is rooted in assisting their customers achieve their health-related goals through a rich array for offer aided decisively by their staff’s expertise. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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