Portsmouth’s Pioneering Fitness Companies: Showcasing Leaders in U.S. Health Industry

Known and loved for its vibrant arts culture, historic traditions, and scenic beauty, Portsmouth, New Hampshire is also a budding hub for businesses in the fitness industry. From consumer electronics to healthcare, these companies are leveraging innovative technology and excellent expertise to enable improved wellness and fitness for all. As part of our series on the bustling fitness industry in Portsmouth, we take a closer look at eight such organizations headquartered in this beloved coastal city.

These companies offer a range of products and services, from workout gear to health plans, demonstrating the breadth of the industry and the potential for synergy within it. Each has a unique story to tell, underscoring the diversity and dynamism of the Portsmouth fitness and health landscape. As the industry unfolds, these businesses continue to leave an indelible mark on the Portsmouth community.

Being a rapidly emerging fitness and wellness destination, Portsmouth has attracted a resilient cadre of founders and entrepreneurs who continue to reshape the face of the city’s business topography. Here is an overview of each entity and its contributions to the vibrant Portsmouth fitness industry.


Founded by Samuel Stoddard and Terry Anderton, WAGZ merges consumer electronics with fitness, healthcare, and pet care. Known for their technologically advanced, connected dog collars that include integrated GPS tracking, bark monitoring, and optional HD video capabilities. The founders’ shared love for dogs and tech have come together to create a product that ensures our beloved pets are safe, healthy, and happy.


Thrvly is a pioneer of wellness brought to life by David Hayes. The company’s platform ventures into the realm of fitness and healthcare to offer innovative solutions for consumers.

Paradigm Health Plans

Addressing the needs for appropriate health plans in the field of fitness and wellness, the Paradigm Health Plans play a crucial role. Their comprehensive approach integrates fitness, healthcare, wealth management, and wellness features into the health plans they offer.

Healthly US

Keeping health at the forefront of their ethos, Healthly US has used technology to drive its focus on fitness and health care. Though the founders prefer anonymity, the impactful Healthly US brand speaks for itself.

Family Acupuncture & Wellness

Betsy Learner’s initiative, Family Acupuncture & Wellness , truly stands out in the Portsmouth fitness landscape. Including acupuncture, functional medicine, massage, and herbal treatments amongst their offered services, the company serves both children and adults, truly making wellness a family affair.

NHS Portsmouth

NHS Portsmouth marks a stride in the health sector. The organization manages a range of NHS services for those living and operating in the city of Portsmouth. Their influence finds resonance in the 17 GP practices across the city and the numerous stand-alone NHS organizations run under their aegis.

Yoga by Donation

As the venture’s name suggests, Yoga by Donation offers wellness and fitness services based on donations. This non-profit initiative caters to fitness-conscious individuals of all physical and financial capabilities, bringing yoga’s healing and meditative practices to everyone who wishes to participate.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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