Highlighting Premier Fitness Companies Headquartered in Birmingham, Michigan

As a sports magazine, Quins continually shines the spotlight on companies that contribute significantly to the Fitness industry. Today, we dive into Birmingham, Michigan, home to a bustling and diverse fitness industry. Birmingham is not only the scene of a vibrant fitness community, but also boasts companies that spearhead innovation within the industry. From pioneering gyms and wellness centers to tech infused solutions, Birmingham’s fitness entities truly embody dynamism.

In this feature, we are going to introduce you to some of these companies, highlighting their foundational details, as well as how their operations align with the evolution and transformations in the health and wellness industry. This article seeks to provide an insight into various fitness and wellness businesses that reside in Birmingham, Michigan – their operations, ethos, and their invaluable contribution to the local and global fitness industry.

We begin our feature with a look into some of the companies that have made a visible impact in the fitness industry. Here’s to celebrating the companies that make the Birmingham fitness industry tick and contribute so vastly to the global fitness sector.

Powerhouse Gym

Founded by Krystal Dabish and William Dabish, Powerhouse Gym sits at the forefront of the fitness industry. The brand offers multiple departments that support the brand’s strength, including gym and brand licensing, marketing, trade shows, and merchandising. Connect with them on LinkedIn, @powerhousegym on Twitter, and on Facebook.


MacuHealth is a bio-technology industry leader known for providing eye care supplements for individuals at every life stage. This company embodies innovation with a robust focus on supporting scientific research, thereby ensuring the efficacy and safety of formulations. You can follow them on LinkedIn, @MacuHealth on Twitter, and Facebook.

Gemini Risk Partners

Founded by attorneys David Kramer and Theodore Nittis, Gemini Risk Partners is a professional liability coverage and comprehensive insurance solutions provider that specializes in ensuring law firms.


Established by Cassie Sobelton, SynBella operates in the health and wellness industry, providing services such as consulting, management consulting and offers consumer software. You can follow SynBella on LinkedIn, @SynBellaHealth on Twitter, and Facebook.

Birmingham Wellness Center

Providing services like chiropractic care, nutrition, massage, reiki, and wellness classes among others, Birmingham Wellness Center is committed to helping patients achieve and sustain a healthy lifestyle through less invasive but highly effective techniques. For more information, connect with them on LinkedIn, @BWCMI on Twitter, and Facebook.

KLM Bike & Fitness

KLM Bike & Fitness offers a wide range of products including high-speed bikes, mountain bikes, and equipment. Moreover, they offer services that range from bike repair to bike fitting. Stay updated by following KLM Bike & Fitness on LinkedIn, @klmbikes on Twitter, and Facebook.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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