Northbrook Fitness Giants: A Glimpse into Illinois’ Wellness Industry Leaders

There is a high concentration of innovative and thriving companies in the Fitness industry headquartered in Northbrook, Illinois. A number of these organizations have managed to make significant impacts in their respective sectors and improve the overall quality of fitness and health care services. The city of Northbrook has a strong base for fitness industries, proving itself a hot ground for fitness enthusiasts. We consider some of the successful fitness companies based in this city.

You will find an exciting blend of companies, including those that focus on traditional fitness such as racquet clubs, to cutting edge technology companies that connect customers to fitness trainers and studios via video streaming. No matter the company, the goal remains the same; to promote fitness, health, and overall well-being to customers.

Discover the stories behind some of these renowned companies in Northbrook. Each one has a unique backstory, and the journeys of each have helped shaped the face of local and global fitness industries. Let us show you some of them.

Performance Health Systems

Specializing in Fitness and Health Care, Performance Health Systems have carved out a prominent space in the industry. Built on a strong foundation and driven by an experienced team of professionals, the company remains an influential player in the market.

North Shore Racquet Club – Karzen Tennis & Basketball

North Shore Racquet Club excels in providing professional services in the sports and fitness sector. This prominent sports hub offers not only tennis and basketball facilities but also a full range of fitness programs for all ages. You can also connect with them on their Facebook page.

Glenbrook Racquet Club

Established as a premier destination for tennis lovers, Glenbrook Racquet Club continues to carve out its name in the fitness and sports industry. The club is equipped with the best facilities to ensure enthusiasts of the game get the best experience.
You can connect with them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter @glenbrookrc.


UltraSlide, an E-Commerce, Fitness, and Sporting Goods company is one of the well-established companies in the sports and fitness industry. With online sales increasing and more people opting for home workouts, UltraSlide has become more significant over the years. Their social media presence includes their Facebook, LinkedIn page, and Twitter @ultraslide.


Founded by Leo Akselrud and Russ Berkun, Trainerly connects customers to fitness trainers and studios worldwide via an interactive HD video stream. Clients globally use Trainerly for convenient and personalized workout sessions, whether at home, in the office, or hotel room. Check them ot on their Facebook, LinkedIn page and Twitter @trainerly.

Rally Point Endeavors

Rally Point Endeavors operates in the fitness, training, and wellness industry. They are one of the leading companies that have shaped the fitness industry and continue to make substantial contributions. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

These companies add diversity and dynamism to Northbrook’s vibrant fitness industry. With their individual focus and services, they provide a range of options to meet varying fitness goals and needs. No matter your fitness preferences, you’ll likely find a company here to help you achieve your goals. The passion and innovative thinking seen in these Northbrook companies keep them at the top of the fitness industry, and they show no signs of slowing down.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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