Seattle’s Pioneering Innovators Shaping the Future of the Cycling Industry

Lurking in the dynamic city of Seattle, Washington is an assortment of companies that have established a powerful presence within the cycling industry. From manufacturing plastic components, to designing smart location tracking software, these companies have a significant role in enhancing the cycling experience. Different aspects of the industry like energy-efficient manufacturing, retail, AI, and E-Commerce are being redefined and evolved, all while advocating for environmental forwardness. This article introduces the distinctive companies within this industry situated in Seattle, Washington, and provides a brief description of their extraordinary contributions.

The companies highlighted in this article defy the traditional constraints of the generic cycling industry. They venture into realms of technology, engineering, and environmental sustainability, integrating these elements into their operations. While these companies may differ in their corporate identities and their offerings, they are bound by their innovative drive and their commitment to cycling and the city of Seattle.

Whether you are an aspiring cyclist, a tech fanatic, or a passionate entrepreneur, the following selection of companies should undoubtedly pique your interest. Seattle’s cycling industry is vibrant, varied and bold. Take a look and discover the companies that are remaking cycling as we know it, right here in Seattle.

Dynamo Plastics

A manufacturing firm rooted in energy-efficient practices, Dynamo Plastics leads in producing plastic packaging that uses up only half the energy and resources of conventional methods. Expanding within the Energy, Manufacturing, and Recycling industry, this company combines ingenuity with sustainability to have a profound environmental impact.

PNW Components

Operating with eCommerce, retail, and B2B services in the cycling industry, PNW Components showcases the finesse of Seattle-based entrepreneurship. Spearheaded by Aaron Kerson and Emily Stevenson-Kerson, this company transforms cyclists’ experience through high-grade products.

Pacific Iron & Metal

An institution in commercial, environmental engineering, manufacturing, and recycling industry, Pacific Iron & Metal has found a reputable spot amongst Seattle’s cycling companies.

Friendly Earth International

A frontrunner in the Environmental Consulting, Environmental Engineering, Recycling, and Waste Management industry, Friendly Earth International displays tenacity and the dedication to create a sustainable world.

BAT (Beacon Adaptive Tracking Inc.)

BAT (Beacon Adaptive Tracking Inc.), founded by Christy Lee and Seth Bibler, is an extraordinary take on technological advancement within the cycling industry. This software company uses AI to create a live tracking platform gearing towards triathlon races, effectively bridging the gap between AI and cycling.

Seattle Iron & Metals Corp

Seattle Iron & Metals Corp exhibits commitment to environmental consciousness and industrial processes. Specializing in recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the company represents the evolution of traditional industries.

Bio Fiber Industries

Combining the agricultural, industrial, and manufacturing industries, Bio Fiber Industries epitomizes the sustainable transformation in material production.

Multiform Harvest

A champion of sustainable resource cycles, Multiform Harvest fosters low capital solutions for wastewater treatment, effectively manifesting a commitment to sustainability.

Bicycle Adventures

For every adventure junkie and cycling enthusiast, Bicycle Adventures caters the thrills to the fullest. Founders Brad Barnard and Todd Starnes give you the ultimate cycling experience through touring cycles and incredible journeys.

Bedrock Industries

The amalgamation of home décor, manufacturing, recycling, and retail, Bedrock Industries, founded by Maria Ruano, brings something unique to the table for every Seattle home.

Seadrunar Recycling

In the non-profit sector, the Seadrunar Recycling company positions itself as an essential contributor to a sustainable economy by offering recycling services and promoting environmental conscientiousness.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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