Top San Diego Cycling Companies Spearheading California’s Sporting Revolution

San Diego, an alluring coastal city known for its sunny weather and intricate craft beer scene, is also home to some of the most promising and breakthrough companies in the cycling industry. As we delve into the heart of ‘America’s Finest City’, we unearth businesses onboard with environmental consciousness, boosting their services with efficient energy use, recycling, and waste management. Let’s take a look at these companies driving sustainability while pioneering advancements in their respective fields.

This article will feature a selection of companies whose operations span across various industries such as consumer electronics, renewable energy, life sciences, internet events, manufacturing, waste management and of course, cycling . Each of these companies contributes uniquely to revolutionizing the cycling industry with their products and services.

All the listed companies are headquartered in sunny San Diego, casting a light on the city’s booming tech industry and commitment to environmental consciousness. Here we present you a succinct overview of each business, portraying their inception, founders, missions, and more.


Trading in consumer electronics, recycling, and waste management, ecoATM made waves in the industry through its acquisition of Gazelle in 2015. Founded by Mark Bowles, Michael Librizzi, and Pieter van Rooyen, the company furnishes automated kiosks that facilitate the selling of unwanted tablets and smartphones. These kiosks, available at shopping malls, grocery stores, and Walmarts nationwide, allow individuals to make the most of their old Android devices and iPhones by giving them immediate cash returns. Find them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Nexus eWater

Founded in 2009 by Andrew Hermann, Craig Richmond, and Ralph Petroff, Nexus eWater specializes in energy efficiency, recycling, renewable energy, and water. Their groundbreaking technology for water and heat recycling is bringing considerable benefits to developers, homeowners, and public utilities. Connect with them on Twitter, LinkedIn.

Camston Wrather

A science and technology company founded by Aaron Kamenash and Mark Evans, Camston Wrather operates within several sectors including advanced materials, environmental engineering, GreenTech, life science, mining technology, natural resources, recycling, and sustainability. Stay updated via their Facebook page.

A product of Chris Kittler and Mitch Thrower, excels in venturing into cycles, events, the internet, and outdoor activities. The platform empowers users to discover, learn, engage in, and register for an array of activities. From races and team sports to training programs and nutrition tips, is a one-stop for active individuals. Follow them on Twitter and join their Facebook community.

Grand Prix Holdings USA

Grand Prix Holdings USA was birthed by Rick Kovacic’s vision. They focus on raising investment monies for research, development, and manufacturing of innovative designs in the two-wheeled vehicle industry in European-based companies. They support those companies that have innovative products but lack the financial muscle to bring these products to fruition.

Written by Sam Hyme

I have over 13 years experience in the sports industry. I specialise in analytical frameworks for sports performance.

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